American Football with the Guys by Ginabee


American Football with the Guys by Ginabee


We were over at a friend’s house and had been partying all day with about sixteen others that we would consider regular party friends, fourteen guys and two wives, Ali and I. It had been raining for the past three days and the field next to the house had flooded with about ankle to knee-deep water depending on where you were in the field. The temperatures had been in the upper 90’s all day and some made the suggestion to go play football in the field. All the guys left and were playing, getting wet and muddy in the field.

After about 30 minutes one of the guys had to leave which left the teams uneven. The guys asked me and Ali to bring some beers to them and then they begged us to join in the game, at least one of us so the teams would be even. Neither one of us wanted to play, Ali was wearing a flower print cotton sundress and I was in a men’s white tank top T-shirt and a nice pair of jeans. I told them I didn’t want to ruin my jeans and my husband told me to take them off. They finally talked us into playing even though we didn’t know how, they told us we could hike the ball.


I pulled the bottom of the T-shirt to stretch it a little to cover up my ******* and then took off my jeans to the guy’s delight! In doing so it kinda made the armholes kinda lower exposing a little of my white **** from the sides. I have loved showing off my body and enjoy the comments and stares I get, I guess it is the shock-value of me doing what most girls wouldn’t dare do, and my husband not only approving of it but encourages it, that excites me. It was agreed that we could not be on the same side as our husbands, they thought it would be more fun that way.


Well, I knew what the guys had in mind and that was getting us wet as soon as possible. The muddy ground felt good between my toes and the (all-most) naked feeling next to a busy highway had my head spinning, there I was standing in knee-deep water in a T-shirt and thong *******, fixing to get soaked to the bone. The other team threw the ball to us, they couldn’t kick it because of the water. When the ball landed one of the guys scooped it up and handed it to me and said, “run!”


As I started to run I found I couldn’t go very fast in the knee-deep water and ended up falling down on my own. The water was warm, but the feeling made my ******* poke through the thin material and the rest of the shirt clung to my body showing all the curves and the black thong was clearly visible to everyone. On the next play as I got ready to hike the ball, I was told to block Ali so she couldn’t get to Dave. After I hiked the ball she backed up and didn’t even try to get through. We went a little way down the field. And on the next play, I noticed Ali still dry without a drop of water on her. I knew it was her turn to show off a little on this play, as soon as I hiked the play I went after her and knocked her on her ****.


As I stood there laughing at her I looked down and noticed why she didn’t want to get wet, she was wearing no ******* under the dress. When she got up it was very apparent the dress was all she had on, it clung to every curve she had and she knew I had knocked her down just to get her wet. We went a few more plays with nothing great happening, just Ali getting knocked down more and my T-shirt getting wetter and sagging more to the point I had a lot of cleavage on display. The guys were making comments back and forth about our outfits, and as we got to the huddle someone made a comment about being able to see my **** through the thin material and not Ali’s, I told them to let me have the ball and I would see what I could do for them. We didn’t go far enough the next couple of plays. And we threw the ball down the field and they did the same as my guys and gave her the ball.


The guys let me upfront and as she got to me I grabbed for her dress and managed to pull her down and in the process stretched it out some and popped one of her straps exposing the top of the left ****** for those paying attention, which pissed her off. I told her I was sorry, she said: “she would return the favor...”

The guys knew she had just challenged me and they were in for a show. In the next play, the guys said “you got to do better than that”

I ask them “what do you want me to do rip her dress off”,

and her husband said, “If you think you can”.


When she leaned over to hike the ball she had to use one hand to keep her dress close to her body so as to not show her breast. I decided the weak point was obviously the 6 or so buttons down the front of the dress. As soon as she hiked the ball I went for the bottom of the dress and grabbed a handful as I ran by. Whipping her around and popping a few buttons, and pulling her off her feet exposing her tanned legs and **** showing she either went to the tanning booth several times or laid out naked in the back yard.

And then I tackled the guy with the ball, I think he let me so he could feel my **** on the way down. Ali was steaming saying I did that on purpose, as she tried to re-button the bottom button it was apparent it was useless as the holes had stretched out and two of them had popped off, she was for the most part on display from her belly button down.


After a few more comments about her nice leg from the guys, we started the next play, with her now holding the front of her dress closed with her hand and her left tit peaking out. She was pissed and I could see it in her eyes, as soon as she hiked the ball she let go of her dress grabbed for my T-shirt, and ended up with a hold on right armhole, pulling as hard as she could pulling me down on top of her, she had her legs spread and her dress up around her waist and I ended up with one of my **** on display.

When we got up, I told her it didn’t work did it and pulled my shirt back over my tit, all she had done was make a very large armhole down to my waist exposing a lot of flesh, this made her even madder.


On the next play I knew something was up she was now behind the hiker giving the guys on my side a good view of her ***** as she stood there ready to receive the ball, the play started and as one of her guys came close to me, she threw me the ball. All the guys from her side piled on me, pulling and tugging at the shirt, feeling my ass and ****, and then I hear a rip, but when I got up everything looked OK, sorta.

We now had the ball again and as soon as I hiked the ball she was all over me and had a hand full of the back of my shirt, that was when I realized what had torn on the last play.


I could feel a nice breeze on my back, I looked behind me and saw the side of my shirt had been ripped down the back, one of the guys had started a rip for her on the last play. I pulled my shirt back to gather but she had ripped it all the way down the back exposing my barely covered ****. Just then a bunch of guys in a truck went by blowing their horns and yelling at me. I turned my **** to them and slapped it.

When we went to the huddle I got one of the guys to tie my shirt, however, in trying it, the shirt rode up over my hips, exposing my thong *******, and pulled the armholes down even farther almost causing my ****** to fall out the top barely coving them.


I felt so wild being able to display my assets like that, my ******* peaking in and out the top and armholes as I walked and my ass totally exposed except for the thin thong up my ass. I told the guys she loses the dress this play and told one of the other guys to hike the ball so I could get a running start.


Before the ball was hiked I had hold of the back of her dress pulling it down as hard as I could and I could feel it giving as I felt my hand pass against her ass cheeks and down her legs sending her face-first into the muddy water, minus her dress. I gave her dress to one of my guys before she could realize what had happened or where it went and he sat on it under the water.

When she got up she was so embarrassed got up looking down at her naked body, then for her dress, then she realized she was being looked at totally naked by everyone including the passing cars and trucks on the highway. With her arm across her chest and her hand over her neatly trimmed bush went and got in her car to hide giving the guys a nice view of her ass as she ran away.

Her husband had to leave when she started blowing the horn. He came over and gave me a hug, patted me on the ass, and thanked me for the show.


As they left someone yelled, “game on”! We started all over with the other side kicking off, throwing the ball downfield, I was given the ball again and as I ran past the first two guys I realize what was I was now the prey, as one of the guys lounged for my shirt and caught my ******* causing me to drop down immediately. But not before stretching them out and exposing I almost completely shaved bush and ass.

I knew the plan was now to strip me as well as I was the only game in town, but I didn’t mind as I was still thrilled from stripping Ali and I now wanted the attention she had gotten and not enjoyed. On the next play, I hiked the ball as Dave rubbed my ass from behind he pulled on my stretched-out thong moving it down a little farther causing it to bunch up in the crotch showing my **** and lips from behind.

As I stood up one guy ran past me and grabbed for my shoulder strap, and I grabbed his hand, ripping my shirt down the front this time almost to my navel exposing my right breast. I tried to re-adjust myself and cover up but it was a waste of time, my shirt looked like a muddy Elvira outfit.


On the next play I bend over to hike the ball Dave just grabbed my thong and pulled it to my ankles, as I went to reach for them he grabbed me and sat me down in the water and Brain grabbed them off my feet. I then run after him trying to get my ******* back, as I ran the guy took turns holding the back of the shirt causing it to rip more.

I finally stopped and said, “okay, you all win!” and grabbed the two ripped sides and ripped it the rest of the way off and stood there naked… with my arms held out on display…


People in cars were slowing down and blowing horns so I decided I better head to the hot tub out of public view. I told them I was going to the hot tub, stopping at the water hose to rinse off before climbing in…

My husband hosed me off as the rest of the guys watched. I told them to show over and climbed into the hot tub… The hot tub was another story!

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