Accident Prone by Unknown


Accident Prone by Unknown

It seems all my life my stomach has been accident-prone. I mean, so many times I have been hit in the stomach or hurt in the stomach in some way. I've been reading these posts and it's clear guys like to hit girls in the stomach. I've seen other sites dedicated to girls getting punched in the stomach by guys and other girls. There are even a few where the women LIKE getting hit in the stomach!!! I don't get it. I read here where some guys think girls get some kind of warm and tingly sensation when hit in the belly. Maybe some girls do, but I never have.

When I was a little girl a friend and I found an old broom handle and began playing with it. She started chasing me and as I ran with the broom handle the end hit and groove in the sidewalk and I got impaled on the other end, right in the stomach! I was standing up with only the handle end up my stomach holding me up. I was sure it had gone all the way thru me. I fell over with the broom handle still deep in my stomach and it hurt bad. It didn't go thru me, but my friend help me up and to get home. I was out of school for a week and my stomach hurt for days.

In middle school, I was on the softball team as a pitcher and twice I took a line drive in the stomach. Both times I lay doubled up in pain, holding my stomach on the ground. Both times I had to leave the game and not return. After the second time, I quit altogether.

In high school and college, I played softball again. And twice I took a baseball bat in the stomach. A girl at-bat would get a hit and then sling the bat instead of just dropping it and with me not paying attention the bat would swirl through the air and the large end would slam into my stomach, knocking me back against the cage. Again I would be doubled up on the ground holding my stomach and needing help to the locker room. This happened in High School and College and I finally gave up softball because my stomach couldn't take it.

In college, I was at a party. I had my hair up. I was standing at the bar, at the corner of it. I decided to let my hair down and as my arms were raised to my hair, these two big guys were roughhousing and they both slammed into my back, and that, in turn, rammed my stomach right into the corner of the bar! I doubled over it, sure I had puked all over it. Not only that but these guys slammed into me several times and my stomach on the corner of that bar was killing me, to the point I passed out. When I came with the worst stomach pain I had ever had, I was taken to emergency but let go with just the stomach ache and bruises.

All thru my life I've been elbowed in the stomach by accident while standing in line on many different occasions. My weak stomach was never ready and I always ended up doubled up holding my stomach in pain. Always taking the kickball or soccer ball in the stomach and getting the wind knocked out of me. Always getting accidentally slammed into something, always in the stomach.

I always thought of these accidents, but after reading some of these posts and seeing some other sites, I'm not so sure anymore. I guess out of all the people who get hit in the stomach many of them got turned on seeing it happen to me and how it hurt me in the stomach? It seems so, but no one ever told me that. I hope I never get deliberately punched hard in the stomach, especially by a big strong guy. I'm sure it would rupture my stomach and I'd puke blood and probably die. How can any girl LIKE being hit in the stomach? And how can guys or even girls get off on hitting women in the stomach?

Do any other girls that read these posts have an accident-prone stomach like mine? Just the other day a friend was visiting with her toddler and the brat was running around my house at top speed and slammed into me, head first right in my stomach. Again, I was doubled up on the floor in terrible stomach pain. My friend helped me up but I had to go lie down. Our visit was over. So it continues.

February 19, 2022 7:31 AM