Abbey by Pedroza (R)


Abbey by Pedroza

The day had come when Abbey was to leave to go have her match with Laurie. She didn't really want to fight her and tried to put Laurie off, but Pedroza had told her that he would take her off the street to the match if she didn't accept. Abbey now hoped that it was all a bad dream, but the car sitting in front of her house said that it wasn't.

She walked down the stairs and got in the car while the driver put her bags in the trunk. It was really nice, way nicer than any car she'd ever been in.

They drove to the airport, but when they got to the terminal, they kept ongoing. Where were they headed, Abbey wondered?

There was a small building on the outskirts of the airport and the car stopped right next to a private jet.

Abbey and the crew boarded and she settled into one of the wide chairs. A few minutes later they were off. The chairs were so comfortable that Abbey soon fell asleep. She woke up a while later and looked out the window. They were flying over water. It wasn't long before they landed at a private airstrip. Abbey didn't know where they were, but judging from all of the palm trees, it was definitely someplace tropical.

They got in a car and were whisked away to a sprawling compound and were met at the entrance.

"The event is not until tomorrow, Miss." said the man who took her bags inside. "Let us know if you need anything at all."

The weather was perfect and Abbey could see a beach and the ocean outside. "Do you have swimsuits?" she asked.

"Of course," he answered. She picked one out and went to the beach.

The next day, Abbey awoke to a steady stream of cars arriving at the compound outside of her bedroom window. There was a knock on the door. "Would you like breakfast, Miss?", asked the lady.

"Yes, thank you," answered Abbey.

"Perhaps you should eat light," suggested the lady. "You have a big event today". The lady knew what always happened to the pretty young girls.

Not long after she finished her breakfast, there was another knock. "It is time," said the attendant.

Abbey was getting nervous as she followed the attendant to a small dressing room. What if Laurie's a really good fighter? What if she beats me up really bad? The bad scenarios raced through Abbey's mind. Then something more practical... "What am I supposed to wear?" she asked the attendant.

She was handed a tiny outfit bottom. "The fights here are *******, Miss," he replied. The outfit left her body totally exposed... there was little to the imagination.

"It is time to go, Miss. Good luck."

"Thank you," Abbey said to the attendant.

She walked down a tunnel, the sound of a small crowd getting louder as she walked toward a light at the end of it.

She emerged to cheer into the pit in the center of a small, square arena. The pit was barely larger than the ring in the center of it. There were high walls on all sides. She tried the door she had just used to enter the pit. It didn't open.

Abbey looked around... there were spectators all around the top of the pit, obviously well-heeled judging by their dress. There were even some that she recognized... Robert Downey, Jr., Cindy Crawford, Kevin Hart, Snoop Dawg, Charlize Theron.

"Wow." she thought. "These famous people came to see me?" Then a woman emerged from the crowd with a microphone.

"Now introducing... Abbey!!", she said. "I'm Laurie. Please step into the ring."

Abbey climbed through the ropes as the crowd applauded and stood nearly naked in the center of the ring.

"Lord, you are beautiful," continued Laurie. "You're probably wondering why I'm up here and you're down there."

"Well, you made me wait and I don't like to wait. You defied me and I'm unhappy about it," she said. "So, I'm afraid you'll have to fight my second instead."

A door opened across the ring-opened and a large silhouette approached, then the crowd erupted in cheers. A huge woman emerged from the tunnel as the throng went wild. Abbey just stood there, her jaw-dropping. "Now introducing... Melissa!!", announced Laurie.

This blonde woman (at least Abbey thought she was a woman) had the biggest muscles and everything else Abbey had ever seen... *****, arms, legs, abs.

She was totally **** so Abbey could see everything and it scared her to death. She immediately determined that her best strategy was to run.

Abbey jumped out of the ring and ran with Melissa giving chase. It was working pretty well until both doors opened and several men appeared to block her path.

The crowd booed as Abbey tried to escape. "Fight, you ******* ****!!!", an obviously tipsy Charlize Theron yelled from the stands.

When Abbey got to the men, she was cornered by Melissa. Abbey continued to look for a way out, so she quickly shot a punch into the center of her stomach.

OOOF... Abbey bent over as the snapping blow dented her belly. Her long hair within reach, Melissa grabbed it. The powerful woman lifted Abbey up her over her head like it was nothing and flung her over the top rope, landing face down inside the ring. At the end of the long drop, Abbey's ***** and belly hit the mat hard and it stunned her.

Quick as a cat, Melissa slid through the ropes. Taking a handful of hair, Melissa got up, pulling Abbey up with her. With her big left arm up over her head, Abbey saw an opening.

She slugged the left side of Melissa's belly as hard as she could with her right hand. The punch smacked and then bounced off of her powerful abs.

Melissa smiled and then grabbed Abbey's hair with both hands, purposely leaving her midsection wide open. Abbey futilely swung a long series of lefts and rights into the muscular abdomen, the crowd cheering her on. They ricocheted off of Melissa's belly without eliciting so much as the grunt from her. Then Abbey punched her in the jaw.

Melissa's face turned red... she removed her hands from Abbey's hair and clutched her neck, lifting her off the ground. "Urrrk", said Abbey as Melissa throttled her. She threw Abbey backward six feet into the corner of the ring, her back slamming hard into the turnbuckle with a "UHHHHhhhh."

With Abbey's head snapped back and arms over the top rope, her midsection was arched out and wide open. Melissa followed her into the corner, plowing her shoulder into Abbey's gut.

OOOOOOOOFFFFF!!! The force of the massive blow and Melissa's weight drove her through the ropes. Abbey's stomach instantly collapsed and the wind was knocked out of her and she fell over onto the big woman's shoulder. But she didn't go down. Melissa grabbed Abbey's shapely ass with both hands and picked her up out of the corner.

Now Melissa walked to the middle of the ring with Abbey draped over her with her belly on top of her shoulder. The winded Abbey got enough air to begin flailing, trying to get loose, but Melissa dropped down to both knees, driving her shoulder into Abbey's gut again.

Oh, no... No... NO...UUUUUFFFF!!! Abbey's ***** banged into Melissa's back as her belly absorbed the shoulder. Melissa dropped her to the mat and Abbey rolled onto her side, rocking and clutching her stomach. The huge woman stood over Abbey and did her best Hulk Hogan impersonation, holding her hand up to her ear to the approval of the crowd.

Done posing, she grabs another handful of brunette hair and gets Abbey up to her knees. She puts her right hand between Abbey's legs and reaches through, then moves her left down to just above Abbey's lovely *****. Melissa stood up quickly, lifting Abbey and holding her body horizontal to the ground, in front of her chest.

Abbey's back is up against Melissa's massive bust and she tightens her grip. "AAAAHHH," Abbey howls in pain as her body is bent back around Melissa's huge *****. Melissa starts whispering into Abbey's ear. "Laurie is a good friend of mine, she goes down on me as no one else can."

"When she sent me your picture and asked me if I would like to do whatever I wanted to your belly and ****, I couldn't wait to get down here."

"Laurie, me and Pedroza are gonna **** ALL night long after I beat the **** out of you."

Melissa shows the crowd Abbey's belly once more, lifts her up to the top of her chest, and drops down to one knee, driving Abbey's abdomen straight down onto it.

GGGUUUUFFFF!!! Abbey's stomach folded around Melissa's powerful thigh, the knee ramming her into her gut so hard that her body bounced up off of it after impact.

Melissa doesn't let go of Abbey, who nearly goes into convulsions after the extreme violation of her midsection. Using her power, she flips Abbey over and slams her back into the same knee, bending her back and making Abbey scream again.

She clasps her hands together, raises her muscular arms up over her head, and swings them down into Abbey's outstretched and agonized stomach.

UUUUGGGFFF!!! The powerful blow demolished Abbey's abs, hitting her belly with such force that her legs and upper body come off the ground, and her ***** flesh ripples.

Melissa shoves her off the knee and Abbey rolls around on the mat clutching her abdomen. Her mouth is open but nothing's coming out. This female monster is now out to systematically torture and destroy Abbey's luscious body, picking her up and carrying her arched body in front of her ***** again.

She parades the beaten girl around the ring, shows her battered stomach to the frenzied crowd, and slams it into her knee again. Following it up with the repeat of the backbreaker, she drives the hammer in the outstretched gut again, a loud THUD! echoing across the ring.

Melissa repeats the devastating series of moves twice more... the more violently she ravaged Abbey's midsection the louder they cheered. When she shoved Abbey off the knee for the fourth time, she just laid there face down with her arms back on the mat. Standing over Abbey again, she stepped between her legs, ripped the ******* off of her, and threw them into the crowd.

The bodybuilder was nowhere near done torturing her... she yanked Abbey's body off the mat, threw her over her massive shoulders, and started bending her again. Melissa flaunted the damage that she'd done to out-of-it Abbey's abdomen, giving the crowd a perfect birds-eye view of her devastated belly. Then she started jumping around, torturing Abbey with each landing. Her arms and legs dangled, jerking as her back impacted the muscular shoulders.

She let go of her near the ropes... Abbey landed face down on the mat again, moaning as she lay there, barely moving. Melissa was going to finish Abbey off and really hurt her doing it. She jumped out of the ring, looking under the ring apron until she found what she was looking for.

She put the chair up against the ropes, positioning it so that if you sat in the chair you would be facing the center of the ring. Melissa picked up Abbey and put her on the seat of the chair, belly down, and dragged her upper body through the opening between the chair the seat, and back. Most of Abbey's torso was through the ropes, outside the ring with Melissa having a firm grip on her hair. Her thighs were still on the seat of the chair. Melissa spread Abbey's legs and kneeled on the seat of the chair, her weight holding it down firmly. Then she yanked up Abbey's hair with her left hand while using her powerful right arm to push the top rope down.

AAAAAAHHH!!! Abbey was back, screaming as her body was bent and hair was pulled. But Melissa wasn't done. Abbey's ass lifted up and the back of her thighs hit the bottom of the back of the chair, but the chair stayed on the floor. She kept pulling Abbey's body up and back and soon the top rope was under her back. Melissa let go of her hair and her left hand pushed down on Abbey's chest while letting go of the top rope. Abbey was now harshly bent backward in a "U" and Melissa's right hand is free. Abbey kept screaming from the sharp pain in her back as she tried to get Melissa's hand off her chest, but the bodybuilder was far too strong.

Then she begged "Oh god... please don't hit me anymore... oh god... please, please, my back... I'll do anything, anything..."

She feebly tried to cover up her stomach and ***** but there was no hope... Melissa could see, Abbey couldn't and there were many openings.

UFFFF... UGGFFFF... oh god

...UFFFF... UGGFFFF... oh god...

UFFFF... UGGFFFF... oh ****...

UFFFF... UGGFFFF... oh ****... f

uck...UFFFF... UGGFFFF...

Melissa methodically worked over the body spread out in front of her, looking to inflict as much pain as damage on Abbey. She hit Abbey in her tight stomach with a hard jab, then mashed a **** into her chest, alternating between her sucked-in belly and flattened-out ****.

The words coming out of Abbey's mouth evidenced the torment that Melissa was administering to her.


Melissa stopped tapping Abbey's belly and began punching in her stomach, ending the talk. She stood up straighter on the chair so she could punch down into her... THUD... THUD... THUD... THUD... THUD... the fists drilled that drum-tight belly.

The first hard punch sank into Abbey's belly. Every slug after that rearranged her guts. After a while, her hands fell away from covering up and hung down limply. Melissa was in no hurry and took her sweet time brutalizing every part of Abbey's ****, arched stomach and breasts.

The crowd made requests, yelling down to Melissa the part of Abbey's midsection they'd like to see her slug next, usually with a request that she punch her harder.

Between punches, she ran her hand over and patted her abs, and played with her ample ****. She toyed with Abbey's helpless body like this for almost 15 minutes. Sometime in the middle of this brutal beating, Abbey passed out. Totally limp, her unconscious body could be bent back even farther and her stomach became even more concave. Abbey's thinner abs were irresistible to Melissa, who continued to punch the unresisting stomach for quite some time after it was clear that she was out.

Finally, Melissa got up and pulled the chair out from under Abby. Her body draped over the 2nd rope, which pushed in the center of her belly.

Melissa sat on the small of Abby's back and bounced while waving to the crowd in victory. Abby had no reaction as the tight rope crushed her stomach.

She dragged Abby into the center of the ring and laid her on her back, arms straight out. Her belly and ***** were all red, with some darker spots starting to show. One of the doors opened and out came Laurie, carrying a microphone and wearing only *******, waving a very large strap-on *****. She climbed into the ring... "Your winner, Melissa!" She raised Melissa's hand as she put her foot on Abbey's reddened breasts.

Laurie had been sunbathing... they were in the tropics after all, and her small ***** were white while the rest of her had tanned. "I know... I should've gone *******", she said as the crowd laughed. "Melissa, will you do the honors?"

Laurie handed the strap-on to Melissa, who put it on her. Someone in the crowd threw a bottle of water into the ring. Melissa undid the cap and poured it on Abbey's face, stirring her. Laurie got down on her hands and knees, spread Abbey's legs, and started licking her like a pro, soon Abbey was moaning, then louder, then what was left of her red belly tensed up as she climaxed.

Melissa sat on Abbey's face with her legs holding down Abbey's arms and said "Eat this *****".

She hesitated and got a punch in the belly. "Mmmmmph", then she started licking. On the other end, Laurie mounted her and started pumping. The two women kissed as the desecrated Abbey's ****, beaten body, both of them occasionally punching her in the stomach because they wanted to. Laurie was almost as good with a ***** as she was with her tongue and before long Abbey orgasmed again.

They finally got off of Abbey and left her lying in the ring, barely conscious with a badly hurting stomach. Some attendants carried her out took her to the compound's medic. Miraculously she didn't have any serious internal injuries, just widespread abdominal bruising. Virtually no part of her midsection was left undamaged. When the doctor was done, they took her to her room and put her in bed where she slept for a long time.

She awoke to a full-body ache... she managed to get to the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was light tan except for her belly, which was entirely black, blue, and purple, and her ***** which were a little less black blue, and purple. She asked the attendant "When do I leave?"

"No time," she said. Stay as long as you like."

Abbey took room service for a while until she felt well enough to go outside. There was no one around except for her attendants.

"Is Pedroza here?" she asked one of them.

"No, everyone left. Only you left."

Abbey spent the next two weeks taking advantage of Pedroza's hospitality, even sunbathing ****, her tan and purple body fully exposed.

Finally, she felt much better and decided to leave. A few hours later she was home. One of the errands she had to run was going to the bank. When she went up to the teller and identified herself, she was handed an envelope.

"I'm supposed to give you this," said the teller.

She opened it and all that was inside was a note that said "Good fight."

She got the slip from the teller and gasped... there was an extra $500K in there. Abbey walked out the bank, still sore but smiling. "Guess I'm a professional fighter after all. I officially announce my retirement."

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