A Very Jenny Christmas Play (1 and 2) by quango


I've never written a Jenny story or a Christmas story, so I thought I'd try both at once. Comments welcome. It's been awhile since I've posted anything, as I've been working on a couple non-ASN projects, but I still drop by and read the stories here from time to time, and wanted to share a little holiday cheer. I just threw this together today and gave it a quick twice-over. I'm going out of town tomorrow, and wanted to get it posted before Christmas - so I apologize in advance for any errors!

Happy Holidays, all!


A Very Jenny Christmas Play by quango


It was the day before Christmas Eve, the morning before the big Christmas play. A couple more hours of tech work and final preparations lay ahead, before the big dress rehearsal that evening. Jenny watched as her friend Ashley, the stage manager, shouted instructions to a group of men on stage.

Jenny stood off to one side, watching as the tech hands Ashley was commanding scrambled to complete the final touches on the play's most important prop. A solid wood star, complete with lights which would make it glow, rested on the stage. It was about three feet tall and just as wide. The large star was the main feature of the play's climatic scene. When the time came, the stage would darken. The lights on the star would come on and then the tech hands, off in the wings, would pull the star skyward using the rigging ropes. The star would rise up into the air until it was far above the stage, glowing brightly. At that time, the actors portraying the three Magi would enter at the front of the stage, under the light of a follow-spot and see the brilliant star.

"A sign from Heaven!" one would exclaim. "The child has been born!"

At this point, the follow spot on the actors would shut off. A second spot would turn on, aimed at the manger set, which rested at the back of the stage. There, the actors playing Mary and Joesph would hold the little child in their arms, while the orchestra brought the scene to a rousing and powerful conclusion, from the pit below the front of the stage.

Jenny watched with some interest, as she herself figured in the beginning of this moving scene. She and another actor, a young man named Greg, were both playing angels. At the appointed time, just before the lighting and raising of the star, she and Greg had a beautiful dance number together. When they were finished, the stage would darken and then the star would be lit.

Jenny had acted in high school, but it had been several years since she was last on stage. She looked at Ashley, confidently ordering the techies around, and smiled. It was her friend who had invited her to play a part in their community's play this year, which Ashley was stage managing. Jenny was excited, but also a little nervous.

Later that evening, there would be a dress rehearsal, and Jenny blushed, thinking about the costume she had to wear. The female version of the angel costume was a short, white dress, stopping just above her knees. The straps were spaghetti-thin and the neckline swooped low, showing off her ample cleavage no matter how she tried to pull up the fabric. A pair of plastic wings were attached to the dress's back, the weight of which contributed to the dress constantly dropping back down, every time she adjusted it. Around her head, a thin wire held an attached golden halo propped above her. She knew that tomorrrow night, during the actual performance, the hall would be filled with several hundred people - families, church members, people she had gone to school with. She was beginnnig to get butterflies in her belly just thinking about it.

After thirty minutes, Ashley was satisfied with the star, having watched it illuminate and go up and down, a handful of times. The rest of the morning rehearsal was for the actor's to work out their lines for the final time before the night's full dress rehearsal. A break was called for lunch. Everyone was to report back that evening for the dress rehearsal.


Later that evening, Jenny was in the green room with the rest of the cast. Everyone was wishing each other good luck. A small crowd, mostly families of the performers, was out in the theatre. At the moment, there was a choir on the stage, who were also a part of program, performing before the big Chirstmas play. Jenny stood by the door which led through the make-up room, to the stage. It sounded like the choir was a boy's choir.

Ashley came up to stand beside Jenny. Together, they stood by the door, which was cracked open slightly, listening to the boys sing. The door to the green room was always cracked slightly. A week ago, the handle of the door had busted and no one had been out to fix it yet. If the door was shut all the way, it couldn't be opened from the inside. Someone outside would have to open the door or anyone inside would be trapped. A sign was taped to the door which read, "Please leave door ajar. Will not open if closed." A red brick sat against the doorframe, blocking the door from closing completely, just in case anyone forgot.

Finally, the choir was finished, and the group of actors stood and began filing out of the green room, towards the stage. As Jenny walked into the wing of the stage, a large group of boys, all appearing to be between twelve and fifteen years in age, walked by in the other direction, heading to the green room. They were all wearing boy scout uniforms, and Jenny assumed they must be singing Christmas carols, as a special community activity for the holidays.

She suddenly felt very exposed wearing the little, angel costume, which she considered to be a bit revealing. The eyes of many of the young boys crossed over her body, or so it seemed to her, bringing a slight blush to her cheeks. No doubt, they were checking out her considerable charms, she fumed silently. The little perverts. She became very aware of the way her breasts, snuggled within her bra, jiggled as she walked; how the short, bottom half of the dress swayed to and fro, showing off much of her long, slender bare legs.

She increased her pace, eager to be away from the scouts, and ran smack into Ashley, who had stopped walking.

"Careful, Jenny," her friend said, turning. Then her eyes widened. "Jenny! You can't wear that!"

"Wear what?"

"Your bra, silly. It shows way too much, look." She pointed to Jenny's shoulders, where the straps of her bra were visible on both. Ashley put a hand on Jenny and turned her to the side, checking the back. "It shows back here, too," she said. "You have to take it off."

"What? I'm not taking my bra off!"

Ashley stood there, chewing on a pen, considering. "Alright," she said, at last. "Tonight's just the dress rehearsal. You can leave it on for now, but you can't wear a bra like that tomorrow. You'll have to wear something that won't show, understand?"

"I do," said Jenny, who was only half paying attention. She had been imagining herself on stage, having to do her dance number in her tiny costume, with her large breasts bouncing about in braless freedom, as she moved. How embarrassing would that be? Her cheeks became hot, once again.

Then, Ashley was walking off, taking up her position just offstage, and putting on her headset. The dress rehearsal began, and Jenny watched from the side, waiting for her moment to go onstage with Greg, and do their dance number. At last, the time came. She was nervous at first, but she and Greg had practiced for hours and they both knew every step. They nailed their number, which ended with them kneeling on either side of the large, wooden star. The stage lights went down, and then the star began to glow and slowly rise into the air. Once it was moving, she and Greg left the stage, and Jenny could hear from the wing as the three Magi made their appaearance.

Later, in the green room, Ashley gave a little speech. "Great job tonight everyone," she concluded. "See you all tomorrow for the real thing."


Christam Eve, the night of the performance came, and only minutes before curtain, Jenny and the rest of the actors were gathered together in the green room. She stood by the door, which still hadn't been fixed, listening as the choir made of boy scouts finished up their set of Christmas carols.

The singing concluded and Ashley's face appeared in the doorway. "We're on people, let's go." Jenny walked through the door, as the others followed. As soon as she was through the doorway, Ashley grabbed her roughly by the arm and pulled her aside.

"What's wrong?" asked Jenny.

"What's wrong?" hissed her friend. "I can see your stupid bra again. I told you to wear a different style!"

"Oh no!" cried Jenny. "I'm sorry, Ashley, I really am. I forgot."

"You're going to have to take it off. You can't go out there like that."

"But Ashley, I can't! I can't go out there and dance without a bra!"

"Then you should have worn a different one. Take it off," she said, holding out her hand.

The rest of the group had passed by this time and the adolescent scouts were beginning to file by into the green room.

"I mean it, Jenny," said Ashley. "You can't go on like that. Take that bra off and then you can ask around and see if anybody has another that you can wear. One that won't show."

Jenny was heartbroken. As nervous as she was, she really wanted to do this show. She had forgotten how fun being a part of a production was, and these past few weeks, she had felt almost like she was back in high school again. Now, if didn't take her bra off and risk going out on stage with her ***** bouncing all around like some ****ty *****, she wouldn't get to perform, at all. She thought of her friends and family whom she had invited. They would be incredibly disappointed if they didn't get to see her. And Jenny would be disappointed if she didn't get to go onstage for them.

"Alright," she said, at last. She and Ashley moved further off from the green room, into the shadows of the wing.

"Well, come on then," said Ashley. "I've got to get to my post."

With shaking fingers, Jenny reached behind and undid the clasp of her bra. She slipped it off underneath her angel dress, and then pulled it out. Ashley snatched it from her hands, tucking it into her pants pocket.

"I'll give it back after the show. Now go ask around or do whatever you have to do." With that, she strode off, pulling on her headset and taking up her position.


For the next thirty-five minutes, Jenny went from woman to woman, asking all her fellow performers if any of them could help her out with an extra bra. None had an extra one in the style which she needed, and before she knew it, her dance number with Greg was on next.

She stood just offstage, shivering. Her mind wouldn't stop returning to the fact that she was about to go out there and dance in front of several hundred spectators, in a skimpy outfit, and with an unsupported bosom. She felt her cheeks begin to grow hot, as Greg came to stand beside her.

"Ready?" he asked.

"No," she said, beginning to feel an ache in her belly.

Finally, it was their moment. The stage cleared, and the music for their number started up. She forced herself to move, and followed Greg out onto the stage. As she walked, she felt her breasts jiggling, unconstrained by the thin, loose angel costume.

They started going through their moves, but Jenny was distracted and kept missing her marks. Nothing drastic, but she wasn't into the dance at all, and it was throwing both herself and Greg slightly off. The feeling of her breasts swinging free in her dress, and the nightmarish image of the thin straps of the costume giving way, dropping her top and exposing her nakedness to the entire audience, kept interfereing with her concentration.

As she struggled through the dance, trying to remember all the moves which she had previously manuevered through without thought, she scanned the audience. Her eyes kept getting drawn out there, to the sea of faces she could barely make out, some of whom she knew. She was certain that all of those eyes were locked on her braless top half. Worse yet, she could see a number of tiny, red lights amongst the crowd, which she realized were video cameras which were currently recording the performance. Her entire body must be blushing as red as those lights, she thought.

Finally, the weight of so much on her mind caught up to her, and just as their routine was ending, she spun in the completely wrong direction, and smashed right into Greg. He was able to keep his balance and get to the spot where he needed to be, kneeling down on one side of the large, prop star. Jenny, being much lighter than Greg, was not able to recover. She stumbled backwards, tripped over her flailing feet, and fell down heavily on her botttom, smashing into the star with her back. She felt the wood against her bare skin and had the horrible thought that she may have just ripped the back of the dress. At least she had finished her part in the play and wouldn't have to go back on stage!


part 2

From the side of the stage, Ashley had been watching the last couple of minutes with increasingly widening eyes. What the hell was that *****, Jenny, doing? She had been nailing this stupid dance perfectly for the last week. Ashley became more and more angry as the dance progressed, until the final instant, when her two dancers collided. She watched, not believeing her eyes, as the dumb blond fell on her ass and crashed into the star. If that star was broken, if that idiot ruined her first play as stage manager, Ashley seethed, she was going to pay.

Ashley turned and called over her shoulder to the stagehands. "Start pulling! I want that star in the air, now!"

On the stage, the final chord of the dance number was diminishing and the lights now faded. This was the cue for other techies to light the star up, which they did. Jenny gasped as the star came to life and began rising. She realized that she was sitting directly in front of the thing. Next to her, Greg was making frantic motions with his hands for her to get out of the way.

As Jenny turned to crawl out of the way, the star began to slowly rise, and then Jenny felt a sharp tug on her costume. She turned, and was horrified to discover that the bottom of her dress in the back, had hooked over one of the starpoints which was angled upwards. It hadn't torn through her dress, it had actually slid right between the fabric and her skin. The outfit was stuck on the star and the star was beginning to rise.

Jenny rose slowly with it, realizing that a quick move might tear the dress and leave her in her skin while she was still on stage, and bathed in the glow of the star. She twisted around and reached back, trying desperately to get unstuck, but the point of the star, having risen a few feet off the ground now, was too high for her to lift the costume up and off the starpoint. Even more alarming, the point had gone all the way up to the plastic wings on her back, which were far sturdier than the thin fabric of the dress itself. Any hope of the fabric ripping, thereby freeing her from her predicament, began to melt away.

Ashley stared from the side of the stage, not believing her own eyes. What was the stupid woman doing now? She watched, as the glow of the star illuminated the blond, who was now standing almost on tiptoe. She was turned to the side, almost directly facing Ashley. The star continued its ascent, taking Jenny's dress higher and higher up with it.

The front of her dress was still hanging down, covering her breasts, but Jenny knew that everything from the bellybutton down was on display. In the back, where the costume was hooked, the height of the star was eclipsing the top her of head, exposing her entire backside from head to toe. All she had on underneath the angel dress was a pair of white, cotton *******. Not her normal choice of underwear, but she had made sure she had worn conservative underwear in case the movement of her dancing had allowed anyone in the audience a view under her skirt.

She became frantic now, flailing out, reaching up, trying desperately to pull the garment down. She turned, so that her back was to the audience, as the bottom of the dress passed over her face. She was now completely bared from the neck down, only a pair of undies between her present state and total exposure. She stretched her arms up, clutching at the dress with her fists, trying to pull it back down.

Ashley, still watching, suddenly turned her head, as the men working the rigging grunted.

"Is it stuck on something?" one of them asked. "It just got a lot heavier."

"Just keep pulling," Ashley said, beginning to grin wickedly. "Get it up."

The men nodded, and a third man nearby came over to help. Together they continued the star on its heavenly climb.

Ashley turned her attention back to Jenny, who was now on tiptoe, struggling madly with her costume, which was now completely off her body. The star was clearly hooked on the plastic wings, Ashley realized, else it would have ripped by now. Her grin widened as Jenny's toes tried desperately to remain on the stage.

Jenny felt herself being lifted completely off the ground and realized that the costume was a lost cause. She would have to let it go and and simply dash off stage, naked breasts bouncing right out in the open, clad in just her undies. She couldn't believe that this was happening to her, wondered just how much the people in the audience could see, realized that her naked breasts were free and in the open already, swinging and jiggling as she strained her arms upward.

Preparing herself to run, she released her hold of the costume. It slid away from her fingertips, and then there was a sudden, intense constriction around her wrists. She looked up, horrified. Somehow, in all her twisting and grabbing and flailing, the costume had become tangled around her wrists and the upward pressure of the rising star only tigthened the fabric now binding her wrists.

Before she knew it, her arms were stretched to their limit and her toes were leaving the ground. The increased pressure cinched the tangle around her wrists so tight it began to hurt. The star kept rising, in shorts jerking movements, and now the panicked blond was dangling below, a foot off the ground. Now, two feet.

Ashley was watching all this with mounting satisfaction, when Jenny's dance partner, Greg, appeared at the trapped blond's side. Greg had hit his mark after colliding with Jenny, but she had landed right in front of the star. He had waved his hands to get her to move and then turned and headed offstage like they were supposed to. When he turned and saw the blond woman struggling to keep her dress on, which seemed to be hung up on the star and slowly rising, he thought of going back to help. However, as more and more of the poor lady became visible, he stood there mesmerized. First, all of her shapely, bare legs had come into view. Her curvy hips and ass came into view next, still covered by plain white *******. He watched as the dress went up and up, showing off more and more bare skin. Soon, he was looking at her entire naked back.

A few seconds later, it looked like the helpless girl was nearly being lifted off the ground. She began twisting about, trying to free herself, but she must have been hung up good. Her struggles were no use, and now she was turned completely towards him, and his jaw dropped. Either she hadn't been wearing a bra, or the thing had somehow gotten tangled up in all that mess, but there she was - the attractive, blond Jenny, whose costume had snagged and was being lifted away by the big prop star, wearing nothing but a simple, pair of white *******. Greg stood there, drinking in the sight of her well-developed breasts, which moved playfully and tantalizingly about, as she strained to free herself.

When her feet lifted completely off the stage, he was able to take his attention off the beautiful body of the girl, and rush forward to help. By the time he reached her, she was nearly three feet off the ground and she had begun shouting for help. He raced up, told her to calm down and not to worry, and then reached up. He got a hold of her around the waist and began trying to pull her back down.

Jenny, who was looking up at her wrists, still tightly bound by the tangled costume, suddenly felt herself being grabbed around the waist. She looked down and Greg was there, trying to pull her in the opposite direction. The pressure from being pulled in two directions at once put a terrible strain on her wrists. This was hurting more than it was helping she realized and she kicked with one of her legs, trying to get Greg to let go of her. She ended up driving one of her knees into his jaw on accident, knocking him down onto his back, dazed. She heard a gasp from the side of the stage, and looked down at herself.

Ashley had a hand to her mouth, trying to restrain the laughter that wanted so badly to burst forth. Jenny's partner had tried to help and earned a knee to his face for his troubles. As he had fallen back, he had somehow gotten a hold of Jenny's *******, and now, the little white undies were dangling from the hanging girl's left foot. Otherwise, she was now completely naked!

At once, Jenny saw that her ******* had come down and were hanging loose around her foot. Her swinging and twisting had caused her to spin around in the air so that her completely exposed front was facing the audience again. Thankfully, the lights were still down and the soft glow of the star was probably too little to show much. Nonetheless, she began to struggle again, now nearly five feet from the stage.

Ashley, who could take it no longer, began giggling uncontrollably. "Just hold the star right there," she called out to the rigging techs. Into her headset, she said, "The show must go on. Send the Magi out, now."

The three actors who played the Magi came out onto the stage, bathed in the light of their follow-spot, and came to a startled stop as they looked up at the star which was supposed to be their sign from Heaven, and beheld through the darkness, a completely naked Jenny hanging there.

"Say your line," Ashley hissed from offstage, and the lead Magi, after shooting her a bewildered look, cleared his throat.

"A sign from Heaven! The child has been born!"

Up in the light booth, the light director, not entirely sure what was happening below, heard his cue and turned on the hard spot, which was aimed at the manger, while simultaneously switching off the Magi's spot. Then he did a double-take as the beam from the spot was interrupted by something on its way to the manger. As he peered down, he realized that there was a woman hanging four or five feet over the stage. What was even stranger was that she was hanging there, completely naked!

When the spotlight came on, it nearly blinded Jenny, but even with her eyes closed, she realized that her entire body, from head to naked toe, was now bathed in full light. She tried to swing her legs, to cross them in midair, to at least hide her most private spot from view. Unfortunately, hanging in the air made it difficult to really accomplish much, as she would spin slightly one way or the other as she shifted about. On top of that, her sudden, intial jerking reaction away from the light had propelled her ******* right off her foot, where they had dangled, and over the edge of the front of the stage, and into the orchestra pit below. There, they landed neatly across the music stand of a suddenly very startled, orchestra conductor.

Jenny hung there, wondering why the light guy wasn't shutting off the light, aware of a number of camera flashes beginning to go off in the audience, and not believeing that no one else had come to help. The heat of her body told her that her entire body was the reddest color of red it had ever been, and her mind, barely comprehending her current state of complete exposure and uncontrollable public display, had time to register the sound of fabric tearing, and then she was falling and landing unceremoniously onto the stage.

Luckily, the star had stopped rising so she hadn't fallen far, and after a second to catch her breath, she realized that she was free and so she stood and turned to flee. The fabric which had been bound tight around her wrists, was now loose, and it drifted from her wrists down to the stage. She was about to bend and pick it up when she heard her name being called.

"Jenny!" Ashley called, waving her hand frantically. "This way, hurry."

Jenny realized that her friend was right. The spotlight was still bathing her in light, and she was still standing there, baring everything for several hundred people. She turned and raced towards Ashley. The dash seemed to last forever, yet in only a couple of seconds, she was into the safety of the shadowed wing, offstage.

"Come on, this way," said Ashley, leading the poor, panicked girl by the hand. Jenny followed, grateful to her great friend, Ashley, for helping her out. Her mind was so rocked, she didn't know if she could even take care of herself at all right now. She let Ashley lead her on, no doubt towards the dressing room and clothes, thankful that the ordeal was finally over.

Ashley pulled Jenny along through the near-darkness to a doorway, and then stepped aside.

"Inside, quick," she said, motioning with her hand.

Jenny rushed into the room, and skidded to a stop, squealing in fright. She was looking out at sea of startled faces, all looking up as she screamed, all with smiles slowly coming into being, and all of them belonging to a teenage boy. She was looking at the entire boy scout choir, perhaps fifty boys strong. All of them in their early teens, and all of them grinning like they had just been given the best Christmas gift they could ever have hoped for.

Oh no! Jenny thought. Ashley had accidentally led her into the green room, not knowing that the scouts were in here. Now she was standing here in front of them, gaping at them increduously, while their smiles began to turn suspciuously evil, and she was as naked as the day she was born! She threw an arm over her chest, and the other hand down between her legs, and turned back to the door.

Ashley, who stood outside the green room, shaking her head at the brilliance of the plan which had suddenly popped into her head a moment earlier, smiled down at the red brick in her hand. Beside her, Jenny began banging on the door to the green room, which was closed tight.


"Ashley, are you there?"

"Ashley, the door closed all the way. Are you there? I need you to open the door!"


"Ow! Hey, what do you think you're doing?"


"Hey! Stop it!"

"Put that camera away!"

"Come on, boys. Doesn't one of you have a blanket? Or a towel? Or something?"

"Ow! I said stop it, you little brat!"

"Hey, no! You don't want to video this. Please!"

"Ow! If you smack my ass again, you're gonna be in big trouble, mister!"


"Ashley, are you there?"

"The door is broke on this side, Ashley!"


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