A Pudgy Nerd Fights Back by Myself


A Pudgy Nerd Fights Back by Myself

I warned her several times. But she just had to keep it up. I've been picked on and made fun of all my life. I was the fat kid, the nerd. Thick glasses and awkward with no athletic capability. So I was used to it, but since becoming an adult things had slowed considerably in that area. When Renee came to work at my job, she must have noticed that I still got some teasing from some of the women, but it wasn't often so I just ignored it. But when Renee started in on me, she didn't know when to quit.

She was beautiful like most of the women in the office, And just like them, she thought her looks gave her special privileges and she figured she could treat me any way she wanted and not get in trouble. But I reported her to HR and she did get in trouble - a warning to leave me alone. This made her really mad and she would wait outside for me and really give me the work. Calling me names and cracking on my manhood and looks and all of it. She wasn't too smart because the parking lot is still company property and I could have reported her and she would have been fired. I had a better idea.

I let it be known around the office that I was going out after work. It was a big deal because everyone knew that I didn't ever go out. But I did, and as I suspected Renee took this opportunity to follow and harass me. I had a few beers at this restaurant/bar and she followed me in and sat and taunted me the whole time. I pretended to ignore her but she was doing just what I wanted. When I left she followed and when we got to my car she was still running her mouth. I knew she would never expect what I was about to do.

As I approached my car and pretended to attempt to open the door, I suddenly turned and drove my fist into her unsuspecting stomach as hard as I could. She grunted hard and doubled over my right fist. I pulled it out of her soft guts and immediately drove my left into her stomach before she could fall to the ground. That punched out a deeper, more visceral grunt as I unleashed another right-left combo to her guts. she was grunting hard and I gave her one more hard uppercut up her stomach before letting her sink to her knees. She was doubled full over and holding her stomach, gasping and moaning. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head up to face me.

"I told you to leave me alone"!, I said. She just grimaced in pain. She's small and thin with a real soft but flat stomach. It was easy for me to pick her up and prop her against my car and while I put my left forearm up to her throat to hold her up, I cocked my right fist and torqued my shoulders and punched her real hard up into her stomach 3 times. She had only a little breath left and this got knocked out with the first and the other two caused her to wretch and grimace showing me how bad I was hurting her in the stomach.

I let her fall to the ground again, kicking her in the stomach on her way down. She doubled up and clutched her well-beaten stomach on her knees, then fell on her side in obvious stomach pain. I enjoyed every minute of that and watch her writhe in pain for a while, knowing she knew I was watching her with a big smile on my face, before driving away. I never felt so empowered in all my life!

Renee never says anything to me know. I wish she would so I can go right for her stomach again! Her mouth wrote checks her stomach couldn't cash. I'll bet she never thought she'd get beaten up in her stomach like that by a nerd like me!

April 5, 2022 6:39 AM