A Memorable P.E. Class by Ace


A Memorable P.E. Class by Ace

My interest in belly-punching stemmed from an encounter I saw about seven years ago. At the time I was a coach and P.E. teacher at a high school in Indiana. The fight I witnessed was so brief that it could scarcely be called a fight -- more of a one-sided flare-up.

On the day in question, I was on duty at the end of class, supervising the boys' locker room as they left for the next class period. My co-teacher had arranged with me to cover her duties for the last ten minutes since she had to leave for a meeting.

As the last of the boys left, I walked to the center of the gym to make sure the students didn't hang around and be late to class. At this time I heard loud voices coming from the girls' locker room -- screaming, name-calling and swearing. I ran toward the gym door to see what was going on.

As I got nearly to the door, two girls dressed only in bras and bikini ******* came running out of the locker room. They had obviously gotten into an argument (about a boy, I later discovered). Each girl was well built, and I would guess weighed about 110 pounds. Tammy (not her real name) caught the other girl, Jenny, by the arm and threw her into the wall. Jenny hit her head and was somewhat stunned. While she was just standing there, Tammy punched her hard in the stomach, a couple of inches above the belly button.

The punch sank in deep and totally winded the girl. Tammy then slapped her twice across the face. When Jenny's hands came up to her face, her body was wide open, and Tammy took advantage of it. She drove a wicked underhand punch right into Jenny's belly button. Tammy's small fist almost disappeared in Jenny's belly, and Jenny fell to her knees.

My duty was to break up the fight (which I did), but I always wondered what would have happened if I hadn't intervened.


Since it was the last period of the day, there was no one in the gym. It was the perfect opportunity for Tammy to take her revenge on the little tramp who had stolen her boyfriend. Jenny was still sitting on the floor holding her belly where she had been punched.

Tammy dragged Jenny into the locker room and pushed her back against the lockers. She held her against the lockers with her left arm across Jenny's upper chest while she gave her two sharp punches to her tanned, flat stomach, about mid-way between her breasts and belly button. The punches dug into the seventeen-year-old brunette and forced most of the remaining air from her lungs.

"I've got plans for you," said Tammy, "but first I'm going to have a little fun". Tammy grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Jenny upright. The pain in her scalp caused Jenny to raise her hands up to try to relieve the pain, giving Tammy what she wanted -- another wide-open shot at Jenny's body.

Tammy fired two vicious uppercuts high in Jenny's midsection, just below her breasts. Jenny's eyes bugged, and her hands fell to her side as her body drained of air. Her breasts rose and fell as she tried in vain to fill her aching lungs. "Hmmm, more target," Tammy said as she ripped off Jenny's bra.

They proved to be excellent targets as Tammy jabbed her right fist into Jenny's left breast and her left fist into the right tit. Each punch landed hard on the ****** and drove into the supporting tissue. Jenny screamed and covered her chest with her arms. This left her lower body vulnerable, and Tammy was ready.

She drove her left fist into Jenny's deep innie belly button, and the punch made a satisfying "smack."

It was not as satisfying as the next punch, a huge right-hand shot that landed in Jenny's belly about three inches below her navel. Jenny moaned as this hardest punch yet sank into her unprotected belly.

"I like the way that felt," laughed Tammy as Jenny sank to her knees holding her lower belly. "You're softer than you look down there. Let's see just how soft you are."

Tammy was in the process of working over her rival and had just landed a hard punch under Jenny's navel and was surprised how soft Jenny was. This was just what Tammy wanted, so she pulled Jenny to her feet with the intention of going back to that area. Jenny kept her hands on her lower belly and turned away. The only soft target available was her side, so Tammy sent two shots into Jenny's side, parallel to her belly button. These hurt the girl and she turned back to face Tammy.

"That's more like it," said Tammy, and she drove her fist into Jenny's lower belly on the right side. Jenny groaned and bent toward the right, leaving the left side of her belly a convenient target. Tammy punched her low in her belly on the left. The right and left punches set Jenny up for the killer, a vicious punch that landed a couple of inches below Jenny's navel and buried into the now yielding flesh.

As Jenny doubled, her breasts hung down vulnerable and asked to be punched. Tammy punched first one and then the other ripe tit, smashing them into her chest wall. Jenny cried out and covered herself.

For variety, Tammy punched Jenny in the eye with her left and in the nose with her right. The pain from getting punched in the nose enraged Jenny and for the first time, she went on the offensive. She charged and threw a wild punch at Tammy's head. Tammy easily ducked the punch and countered with a hard uppercut that landed just above Jenny's navel.

As Jenny tried to double over, Tammy pushed her back against the lockers where she was momentarily stunned.

Following up her advantage, Tammy went back to her favorite target, Jenny's **** lower belly. First, a right and then a left sank into Jenny's soft belly below the navel. Jenny just stood there, so Tammy stepped to the side and gave her a karate chop across her flat stomach and a huge follow-up punch that buried into her belly below the navel. As Jenny was going down, Tammy stepped in close and drove her knee into Jenny's midsection.

Tammy found a short piece of rope and tied Jenny's hands behind her to the handle of one of the lockers. Jenny was then just where Tammy wanted her -- totally helpless and vulnerable. There would be no hands or arms to ward off punches; no place to go, nowhere to hide, and no one to help.

Tammy then stepped close to her victim as Jenny's eyes widened with fear.

"Where should I punch you next?"

"Here?" as she placed her clenched fist in the middle of Jenny's midsection.

"Here?" as she gently pushed her fist into Jenny's left breast.

"What about here?" as she lightly probed her soft belly far below her navel. "Maybe I'll just leave and go get my boyfriend back --

"Tammy turned as if to walk away but then suddenly jabbed her elbow back hard, right into Jenny's solar plexus. The unexpected blow winded Jenny and left her unable to tighten her muscles for what was to happen next.

Tammy stood flat-footed and rained a series of punches on Jenny's upper body. Shots to her breasts came in straight on the ******* or uppercuts that came into the underside of her ****. Five straight jabs dug into the middle of her flat stomach, no longer firm but yielding with every blow.

"I'm getting tired, I'm going to put you away with belly punches," said Tammy.

Jenny begged, "Not my belly, you'll kill me."

Tammy was not impressed and began her assault. Big uppercuts, lefts, and rights, landed on Jenny's belly button. Tammy stuck out the middle knuckle when she punched and aimed that knuckle to the center of Jenny's belly button.

Finally, Tammy went to work on Jenny's lower belly, that gentle little curve two to three inches under her navel. She literally buried her fists in Jenny's gut, on each side of her belly button and directly under her belly button. Jenny's muscle support was gone, and her lower belly received the punches like a long-lost friend.

Tammy stepped in close and gave her five knee lifts to the belly until Jenny passed out.

"Too bad," said Tammy, "we'll have to get together again, sometime."

Before leaving, she gave Jenny one more vicious shot to the stomach. Jenny moaned softly.

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