A Gunging For Poor Sally by MuckyVicky


A Gunging For Poor Sally by MuckyVicky

Now I’m all for raising money for good causes but when I found out that my office had voted me to be gunged at an upcoming charity event that my company sponsors, this was just not good enough. Every year, it’s a girl that gets it and there are so many deserving girls in our office that should be in there. My only hope at avoiding the humiliation of a very public sliming is to find someone willing to take my place. A man in the gunge tank is just not right!

I had one week and was having no luck. Nobody wanted to take a bit of gunge for charity. What’s wrong with women these days?  Shit, now there was only one day left before my date with destiny and I had run out of ideas. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. I got home and dreaded the next day.

As I got home, there was a faint smell of cigarettes. I went up to my little sister Denise’s room and she and her friend Sally were smoking. “What are you two up to then?” They were both 18 and friends at school.

“Mum and dad are going to kill you!”

“Please don’t tell them, We will do anything…” 

“Anything…?” they both nodded their head, looking very worried. “Hmmm, are you two going to the charity fair tomorrow?”

“Yeah, everyone’s going to be there. We want to see who is going to be gunged.” Denise said.

“Ewww, that must be so embarrassing and yucky,” said Sally.

“Well girls, the answer to your question it’s one of you two.” They looked at me slightly worried. “You see, it was going to be me but now one of you will take my place.”

“No way, I’d just die.” Said Denise. I held up the cigarettes, “About two months grounding…” “No please!”

“Which one of you will it be?” They looked at each other nervously. “Why don’t we toss for it?” I said smugly, tossed the coin and it landed. Denise jumped for joy and poor Sally held her head in her hands. “No, please no!”

“Sorry babe.”

“But Danny will be there and all my friends. He will never ask me out.” “

Oh, where’s your sense of charity.” And with that, I left. I was really going to enjoy seeing a pretty schoolgirl gunged and humiliated.

I turned up just in time for the climax of the show, the gunging. Everyone was gathered around the gunge tank, which was loaded with gallons of thick chunky stinky sloppy green slime. It looked like vomit, to be honest, and I almost felt bad for Sally. She looked at the crowd and then at the gunge tank.

“All the cool people from school are here.” She said pouting those cherry lips in a mini strop. She looked extra cute today, the *********** top showing her cleavage, small skirt, and flip-flops.

“This is so unfair.” She said as I lead her out onto the stage.

Chants of “put her in” came from the crowd. She kicked off her flip-flops and took her seat nervously in the gunge tank. She smoothed her skirt and nervously played with her blonde ponytail. She waited anxiously for the inevitable.

“Let her have it” the crowd shouted.

“OK Sally, here we go.”

“Oh no!” Sally hunched her shoulders and screwed up her face in anticipation of her gunging. She pleaded desperately as I pulled the lever. “No no please don’t.”

A siren sounded, then two seconds later, the horrible disgusting slop began to pour. She took a sharp intake of breath as the green slime hit her. Grimacing in disgust as it covered, she quickly disappeared under a deluge of smelly gross slop. It just kept coming. The crowd was loving it, shouting, cheering, and laughing at poor Sally. I also loved it and didn’t feel guilty at all.

The slime had found its way all over her hair, covered her face, her arms, and back. Her lovely ***** were gunged on her top and down her cleavage. The slop was collecting in her lap and trickling down her bare legs. It had slowed down into a trickle on her head, chunks of glop occasionally plopping down on her still as well.

She just sat there with her mouth open in disgust and shoulders hunched in disbelief at what had just happened to her. “How do you feel Sally?” I teased.

She wiped slime globs from her face and gave a look of disgust “Yuck” She said to the crowd's delight, “This is disgusting!”.

She stood up slowly. The muck in her lap ran down her legs to her bare feet and covered them. She took two steps before slipping in the gunge. She fell on her arse to roars of laughter. She sat on the floor, legs apart. I could see up that short skirt to some small pink cotton *******. She wiped her eyes clean and just sat there.

Before she could do anything else, Denise came out and dumped another bucket of leftover food slops from the canteen over poor Sally’s head. She cringed at first, and then just sat there and took it, humiliated and disgusted in defeat.

Meanwhile, a clown came up behind her with a huge thick gooey custard pie, tapped her on the shoulder.

She turned around and SPLAT. Full in the face. It squidged in her hair all down her top and completely covered her face in slop.

I felt a little bad. That should have been me up there, stripped of all dignity in front of the whole town. But no use crying over spilled gunge and custard pies. Sally stood up again slowly and made her way off stage with just two holes to see out of. She really had been gunked from head to toe. She walked past me. “I hate you.” 

As I was leaving to go home, I saw Sally with her parents, all cleaned up, hair still wet from the shower. I walked over and thanked her for being such a good sport. She looked at her parents and replied, “Well it’s all for a good cause isn’t it.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I leaned over and gave her a little kiss on the cheek. Poor, poor girl. Sorry, but rather her than me.

February 27, 2022 9:43 PM