A different Kind of Catfight Ch 3 by bbettyblambabam


Chapter 3

There was a loud click and Catwoman found herself squinting and had a massive pain in the back of her head.

“Wakey wakey eggs and bakey!” a loud high pitched voice said.

She tried to rub her head with her hand but found that she couldn’t move it. Finally opening her eyes, she looked down and saw that her hands were bound behind her and her legs were tied as well.

“Now that our contestant is awake let’s get the show started!”

Oh god, I know that voice looking up, Catwoman saw the Joker standing in front of her. She was in a brightly lit room where above her suspended from the ceilings were several flatscreen television sets. Standing at the other end of the room were two women, one was Harley Quinn, her slim figure concealed under her Jester outfit and Poison Ivy, her bright red hair hanging down over her one piece suit that seemed to be made of leaves, although they barely seemed capable of concealing Ivy’s large breasts.

“What the hell is this Joker?” she asked.

“Why my dear you are the headlining attraction this evening!” he said as he gestured to the screens above. “For one night only you’re putting on a show for some of the most notorious criminals in Gotham and all hosted by the master of ceremonies, me!”

Just then she heard an electronic recording of applause that seemed to emit from some sound system. “And now let’s introduce our panel of watchers this evening!”

One by one the flatscreens lit up. The first one that lit up showed a man in a bowler’s hat and domino mask, black question marks over green, “Each answer leads to more questions, let’s hear it for the Riddler!” the applause kept playing over and over.

The next screen lit up and it was of a man in a suit, although half of his face seemed horribly scarred. “A former district attorney turned ruthless, but still uptight, criminal, Two-Face!”

On the screen next to Two-Face, Catwoman saw a balding man with a monocle and a long pointed nose. “He’s your ambiguously avian obsessed entrepenuer and sometimes white-collar criminal, Oswald Cobblepot also known as the Penguin!”

The last screen flashed on and it was of two people. One was a woman in a business suit with her hair tied back in a bun. Next to her was what looked like a short man, but in reality was a puppet dressed in a suit and hat. “Out of the ashes has risen a new generation of criminal, and loony, please welcome the Ventriloquist!”

“Let’s hurry this up Joker.” The Ventriloquist said.

“Very well. Lastly, Today’s fine program is brought to you by…”

Out of the shadows stepped a woman in black leather pants and longsleeve button up with long brown hair. She had a slim figure and rather large breasts, but Catwoman knew better.

“Talia al Ghul!”

“Hello Catwoman.” She said.

Catwoman just smirked and was interrupted by the Joker. “Now for those of you who don’t have our subscription, fear not! Tonight’s broadcast is not only live, but it’s being recorded and will be purchased in an auction that will commense after the show!”

Looking up at the screens, Catwoman could feel herself getting hot from the nervousness. She knew where this was leading and looked down and saw she was still wearing her long dress but her trench coat had been removed.

“So you are all wasting your time so you can watch me get humiliated as a form of revenge from a woman who can’t follow a diet plan?” she said.

Talia’s face grew red as the Joker looked at her with his wide grin. “Shut up!” she said, “Joker, I’m growing in patient. I’m not paying you for theatrics.”

“Very well my dear. Harley, will you please prep our actress?”

“Sure Mr. Jay!” Harley said and from behind her back ,she revealed a large pair of scissors in her hand.

“There’s more than one way to skin a cat!” Harley said as she started snipping the scissors.

Catwoman began to squirm harder as she tried breaking free of the ropes but they were just too tight.

“Hold still now. We don’t want to scar our kitty now do we?” the Joker said.

Kneeling down before Catwoman, Harley opened the scissors against the bottom of her dress and slowly ran them up to her arm pits, a slow RRRIIIIPPPP followed as she sliced the dress upward until it finally was split in two, falling to the ground and leaving Catwoman in just her hood and thong underwear. As her dress fell, Harley began to circle Catwoman and reared her hand back to slap her ass hard. “Nice booty!”

Catwoman bit her lip to repress a wince, she tried repressing a lot of feelings, mainly the horror and dread of being seen half naked. She had been exposed before not too long ago on a rooftop in front of Batgirl. But that was when she was embarrassed for me….this is in front of Gotham’s most ruthless villains ever..oh god I feel my face getting warm am I blushing?

She closed her eyes and tried turning her head to conceal it.

“Now now don’t be modest.” The Joker said in a mocking fashion. “Besides, we aren’t done skinning this cat yet. Harley, finish the job!”

Catwoman felt something against her hip and gasped when she heard the scissors SNIP!. Then she felt her ******* fall from her hips and felt the cool air hitting her exposed crotch. Now beads of sweat were dripping from her body as she squeezed her eyes shut.

“hahahahahaha!” Harley started giggling uncontrollably which made Catwoman wince even more. “Hon look! Ms. Kitty has her Kitty trimmed in a funny way!”

“Really? Well let’s take a look with our special Kitty cam!” Joker said.

Catwoman opened her eyes and saw the joker with a small handheld cam which was also hooked up to a flatscreen tv on the opposite side of the villains. She tried to squeeze her legs together to hide her exposed privates but knew it was useless. As the Joker zoomed in with his camera he could see that Catwoman’s pubic hair had been trimmed in the shape of the Bat symbol for Batman. As it came up on the screen, Catwoman was really mortified as she could see on the screen of some of the viewers that they were grinning, particularly the Riddler and the Penguin.

“Welllll looks like our young actress has a crush on another beau!”

Ivy approached Catwoman to get a look herself and a wide grin spread on her face. Just seeing one of her rivals reveling in her humiliation was making Catwoman so embarrassed she was trying to fight back tears.

“I’m getting you all back for this!” she shouted in rage.

“This is your fault Catwoman.” Talia said. “You should have stayed in your place and left me alone with Batman.”

“Setting the camera down, Joker said, “And now ladies and gentleman, there is no show without properly crediting our actress. But since we don’t know our actresses name we’re going to have to do some detective work. Since Miss Al Ghul was our casting agent she will be the one doing the honors of unmasking Gotham’s famous cat burglar.”

Catwoman’s eyes grew die with fear and she looked to Talia who was smiling at her with hate. “No!” she screamed. “Talia! You can’t! Not in front of these people! You know what they are capable of!”

“I do.” Talia said, “And this will teach you to humiliate me in front of my assassins.”

Catwoman began to shake her head as Talia’s hand reached out and unbuckled the collar under her neck. “Talia please!” she screamed once more but she felt a hard pull on her hood and then felt it get ripped off her head. “Noooo!” tears started to well up as Selina looked down to conceal her face. With it now exposed, everyone could see her face turning a bright shade of red.

“Ladies and Gentleman, let’s give a round of applause for the fine performance of Catwoman by our own actress Selina Kyle!”

“What?!” Two-Face could be heard on his screen.

“Interesting.” The Penguin said.

As the applause sound byte played, Selina started to weep softly as she felt the eyes of Gotham’s worst gazing at her naked body.

“Oh she’s so happy. You like her, you really like her!” Joker said as he grabbed the hand held camera and zoomed in on Selina’s face and body. Zooming in on her breasts, and batman shaped pubic hair as well.

“I will kill you for this!” Selina shouted between cries. “I hate you!”

Patting her on the back, the Joker said, “Now now, don’t feel bad Miss Kyle. Even though you’ve been responsible for stealing from all of us. I’m going to give you a chance to run free. All you have to do, is solve a riddle. And who better to provide that riddle then our own Riddler!”

He gestured once more to the screen where the Riddler was who leaned forward to address them.

“Miss Kyle.” He said, “Nice body by the way. Riddle me this. What kind of flower blooms without sunlight or water?”

“What?” Selina whispered. She tried to think of an answer but it was hard as her head was rushing in so many directions. What could it be? Oh god, everyone sees me naked, they saw my batman shaped hair.. and my face…oh god they know who I am,they know every inch of my body!

“Times almost up Miss Kyle.” The Joker whispered.

“A cactus!” she blurted out, looking up desperately to see if she was right. Her head hung low when the Riddler shook his head. “Sorry Miss Kyle that is not the answer. I should’ve known you weren’t crafty enough to get it right. The answer of course is obviously the soft petals of a woman’s labia, particularly when they are aroused.”

“An excellent point Riddler.” The Joker chimed in, “And to help push that along is our own Miss Ivy!”

Selina looked up and saw Ivy approaching, holding a large plant in her hand with a red bud, almost as big as a sunflower.

“Tell her what she’s won Miss Ivy!”

“It’s called a Blushing Venus.” Ivy said in a sensuous tone. “It’s an aphrodisiac. One smell of this flower and the recipient is subjected to the strongest ****** urges that they cannot control and it lasts for quite some time.”

“Oooooohh!” Joker said, “You lucky woman.”

“Enough!” The puppet from the Ventriloquist shouted.

They all looked up at the screen. “We didn’t pay money to see Catwoman humiliated!”

“I know that, Talia did.” The Joker said.

“Well we didn’t. We paid for Batman’s identity!” the Ventriloquist hissed.

“Yeah.” Two-Face added. “Miss Kyle was a bonus, but that’s not the identity we were hoping for.”

“What are they talking about Joker?” Talia asked as she folded her arms.

Turning to her with a wider grin than normal and then to the screens he said. “And that’s the finale! Her humiliation will lead to his identity.” He walked up to Selina and rested a hand on her shoulder. “How many people have you heard have had *** and in the peak of their passionate ********** they shouted out the name of their lovers?” He then pointed to Selina’s Batman shaped pubic hair, making her legs squirm and he continued. “Clearly Miss Kyle has a thing for our caped crusader so when the Venus plant causes her to lose control, she will shout out Batman’s true name and there you will have his identity!”

“What?!” Talia shouted. This was not what she wanted. Bruce was still useful to her as the father of Damien and this would jeapordize everything. “Joker!” she said approaching him. “this is not what I paid you for.”

“Sorry toots!” Joker said, “But if I’m going to waste my time skinning a cat I got to make it interesting for me now don’t I? You didn’t really think the top villains in Gotham would pay to sit in on some ***** movie didja?”

“Well maybe the Riddler and the Penguin did.” Two-Face muttered, instilling evil glares from the Riddler and Penguin.

“Talia you fool!” Selina shouted.

“Then I’ll have to stop you!” Talia said, pulling a dagger out from behind the sheath attached to her belt.

“I thought you might try something like that.” The Joker said, reaching into his purple jacket. “So I promised my good pal Lex Luthor I’d test out his new Lexcorp Shrink Ray!” He pulled out a silver gun that looked like something a ray gun Marvin the Martian would use.

Talia tried to lunge at him before he could attack but the Joker pulled the trigger and a blue beam shot out and hit her. Talia stopped as she saw the blue beam surround her and then slowly faded. “Looks like Luthor failed you.” She said. She stepped forward again but then felt something odd, almost as if something was pulling on her shirt. Then it was pulling on her pantleg. Then she noticed it wasn’t pulling, the clothes were simply getting too tight. Dropping the knife in confusion, she looked down and saw that her pants were so tight, it hugged tightly on her thighs and her shirt was so tight the space between the buttons were exposing her midriff. She gasped and tried holding onto her shirt.

“Well I guess it kind of works.” The Joker said with a shrug. “We’ve seen one naked woman tonight we might as well do two more.”

“No!” Talia screamed but then there was a POP! And the button to her pants flew into the air, exposing the top of her white lacy underwear. Wincing, Talia tried to close the flap of her pants but then there was a POP! POP!! POP! POP! POP! And the buttons to her shirt flew off and her shirt burst open, exposing her matching white bra and white laced girdle. Talia screamed even louder as she tried to cover her girdle.

Even the Joker’s eyes widened in surprise. “Well this is going to be interesting!”

Selina herself grinned a little as she knew what was coming.

RIIP! RIIP! The boots around Talia ripped open. Her toes curled in response and she whimpered as she felt her clothes get tighter. RIIIIIIIIIIP! The shirt around her finally was small enough to where it ripped in two from behind, falling to the ground. Then there was another RIP! And her leather pants ripped from behind her, exposing her white thong. Again, her large behind was expose as her cheeks jiggled after being freed from the tight leather pants.

“Wow.” Ivy said, “I’m impressed Talia.

Covering her ass with one hand and covering her breasts with the other, Talia turned around and said. “shut up! You’ll all pay for this humiliation! The League will hear of this!”

“Didn’t you say you were banished for some reason?” The Joker asked. “That’s why you hired me right?”

She turned and gasped when she saw that the Joker had his camera again. “What are you doing with that?”


“What’s it look like toots? This will be the deleted scenes!”

“Stop film-“ she stopped when she heard a SNAP! And the straps to her bra broke. Holding her bra tight to her chest she buckled her legs as she stared at the camera like a deer in headlights. Finally, the bra had shrunk so much that it split in two and all Talia was holding was two crumpled up sheets of cloth.

“Hehehehehe!” Harley giggled. “What’s a matter hon? Don’t the League of Assassins pay for plastic surgery?”

Talia looked down and her hands went to the sides of her head as she screamed, dropping the balls of cloth and exposing her small breasts. It got even louder when her thong shrunk so tight that it was giving her a hard wedgie, she almost tap danced around in trying to pull the fabric out from her ass. Then there was a SNAP! And the thong flew from her hips, into the air and onto the Joker’s face.

“Gee Talia, how forward of you. We barely know each other.” He said with a laugh.

Gasping, Talia’s eyes grew wide as her hands flew to her crotch. “I have to get out of here!” she screamed.

“Thanks for the help Talia.” Selina said with a roll of her eyes.

“Uh uh.” The Joker said as he blocked her way. “We still need to see what you’re hiding under that girdle of yours! And it looks like it’s about to giiive!”

Indeed he was right. The girdle had gotten so small, Talia’s naval was showing. She grabbed onto the girdle and tried holding tight to it so it would hold. “please! Somebody give me some clothes!” she said as she turned in a circle and begging for help.

“Sorry Talia. I don’t think Harley or I have clothes that will fit you.” Ivy said with a smile.

“Please! A towel! Anyth-“ Talia stopped when she heard one last SPROING! And the girdle burst open, her chubby stomach extending outward. Instantly, her arms wrapped around her gut and would change between covering her breasts, crotch and ass again as she continued circling. “No! Oh god! Oh god! Everyone can see me naked!”

“This is your fault Talia! You wouldn’t be in this position if you’d just let it go!”

Tears were streaming from Talia’s face as she started to cry. “I just wanted revenge!” she shouted as she started to stomp her feet.

“Uh oh.” Joker said, “Looks like our Talia has had too much excitement. Harley dear, would you put her to bed?”

“Of course Mr. Jay.” Harley said, walking up to Talia with a pistol in her hand. At the end of the barrel was a large boxing glove. She pulled the trigger and it launched out, hitting Talia square in the face, she flew in the air and landed on the ground, but not before the cellulite parts of her body jiggled. She was out cold.

“Can we please continue now?” Two-Face asked.

“Oh Harvey you’re always such a killjoy.” Joker said as he videotaped Talia’s unconscious naked body. Very well, Ivy, would you please?”

“Sh.t” Selina said as Ivy approached her with the Blushing Venus. She reared her head back but then Harley pushed it forward, almost touching the bud of the flower. Ivy massaged its petal and it slowly opened up, exposing a pink center with several long and rather phallic looking strands.

“Please no!” Selina begged but then there was a POOF! And a pink powder exploded into Selina’s face. She started to cough and as she did, she felt her legs and hands go free as the Joker cut her loose. She immediately tried to cover her breast and crotch and crossed one leg over the other to cover herself. However, she felt a warm tingling sensation and realized her fingers began to massage her nether regions.

Ivy, Joker and Harley smiled. “Getting excited?” Joker asked.

Selina gasped and stood straight up, hands to the side. But then she saw Harley wheeling out another TV screen and on it were pictures of Batman. It was a slideshow, each of them showing news photos of him fighting crime, his strong muscles bulging out of his tight costume, his stoic face hidden under that dark mask.

Selina’s legs buckled as she fought the urge to touch herself, her hands ran along her neck and breasts and then she started to massage them. I can’t do this! Not in front of so many people! Not give out Bruces’ name!

Then a picture of Batman standing on a rooftop, his broad chest lit under the moonlight and Selina couldn’t resist. Her hand flew to her groin as she began to massage her labia. “Ooooo.” She moaned as she swayed. “N-n-no!” “Y-yes!” she shouted as she began inserting her finger in and out. First she was using one and then she was using two fingers, both going in and out of her ******. Her toes curled as the pleasure grew more. “Ohhhh!” she shouted and fell to her knees. As one hand masturbated for her, the other massaged her large breasts, lifting them up and down. The feeling wasn’t being sated either, if anything she felt hornier and the ************ was making it worse. Eventually, Selina had to lie on her back, her legs arched up as she continued looking at the screen. “Oh god! F.CK yes!” Looking up, she saw the screens of the other villains, all except the Ventriloquist were smiling with delight. Selina blushed and felt a tear well up in her eye as she realized that everyone was watching her **********. She tried to stop but by now, her arousal was too much. Her ****** was almost as red as the Blushing Venus.

“AHHh! I have to finish!” she said as she continued to ********** at a faster pace.

“Yes! Finish! Do it!” Joker shouted. His grin was so wide it frightened Ivy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooohhhhh Yes! Yes! Ohh! Oh.!” Selina shouted as she increased her momentum, her body covered in sweat. She her torso was gyrating so much her breasts bounced in the air.

“I’m so jealous.” Harley said looking down at hers which were clearly not as big, but not as small as Talia’s.

Bruce…I’m sorry..I can’t take it anymore! “Oh. B-b-b-b-“

“Yes!” Joker said leaning closer.


“What?!?!” the villains all shouted. Sure enough, swooping from the darkness and onto the floor was the caped crusader. They were almost distracted by him until they heard Selina ******.

“AHHHHHHHHH!” she screamed and fluid jetted out from her ****** and onto the floor.

“Ewiie!” Harley shouted as she stepped away.

Panting, Selina’s eyes opened and all she saw were the eyes of all the Gotham villain and then Batman looking down at her. “No!” she screamed and she tried covering herself again as she started to cry. “Don’t look at me!” she realized she had just orgasmed, not only in front of other people but also on camera. She lost total control.

“It’s over Joker.” Batman said as he stepped forward.

“You’re darn right is it!” Joker shouted in anger. “I just wasted a full night getting Catwoman to ****** just to shout out a name I already knew!” he pulled out a knife and advanced toward batman.

Batman was about to lunge forward but he heard foot steps from behind him. Turning around, he saw Ivy and Harley trying to sneek up on him, the Blushing Venus in their hands. Quickly, Batman reached under their hands and lifted up, forcing the Blushing Venus to fly right into their faces.

They both staggered back as they coughed from the powder that emitted from the flower.

“Well those two are going to be busy for a while. Shall we get started?” The Joker asked with a grin. Batman darted at the Joker and the two bitter enemies fought in the darkness.

Selina tried to get up, but then she felt the tingling sensation again. “Oh no not again!” she said. “please no!”

“Ohhh!” she heard and looked up. The effects were taking their place on Ivy and Harley. “Ohh! Mistah Jay! I need you!” Harley whined as her legs buckled.

“My god!” Ivy said as she massaged her body. “I can’t take it anymore!” she grabbed tight onto her suit and ripped it open, both large breasts spilling out and jiggling for a bit, they were at least Selina’s size, maybe more.

The Ventriloquist had left, but Two-Face, Riddler and Penguin had stayed when they saw what was going on.

Ivy had stepped out of her suit and begin massaging her breasts. Her ass was also as firm as her breasts, not jiggly like Talia’s, but just as round like an apple. Harley was still clothed, but Selina could see a dark red spot in between her legs and this made her moist as well.

“M-mistah Jay! Oh forget it!” she said as she ripped open her suit, exposing her pale torso. Her breasts were not as big, but still round as they jiggled free from her tight costume. She began touching her breasts and ****** through what was left of her costume. Her ass was tinier than the other women, but the way it stuck out as she bent over to ********** made it seem curvier.

“Oh Harley!” Ivy said as she watched, ************ while on all fours. “You’re so beautiful!”

“You are too Ivy!” Harley said as she removed what was left of her suit. She knelt down to where Ivy was and gave her an open mouth kiss.

Selina watched from a distance and tried to get up, but the feeling was still there and the scene she was watching was arousing her as well. She continued to ********** more as Ivy and Harley made out.

Makeup was starting to smear on Ivy as Harley got on top of her. Both women’s hips gyrated against each other and they panted loudly as their arousal built up. “This is so good!” Ivy said. “I love this plant!”

“Me too!” Harley said, “I love you!”

“Oh baby I love you too!”

They continued kissing and then Ivy’s hand reached down to Harley’s groin and began to caress it. “Oooooooo!” Harley cooed. “Mistah J never touched me like that!”

“Touch me Harley!” Ivy said. Harley obeyed and soon both women were ************ each other, their backs arching as they moaned in joy. Selina would have joined them, had she not been so immobilized by her own arousal. She would watch from the Batman slides to Ivy and Harley.

“Spank me!” Ivy shouted as she rolled onto her stomach. Harvey obliged by raising her hand and smacking hard, “Oooooooo!” Ivy moaned as the first SLAP! Came. “Harder! Yes! Harder! Oh! God! Yes it hurts so good!” she shouted as Harley kept slapping. Eventually, her ass was so sore it was as red as Ivy’s hair.

“Now do me!” Harley said as she bent over. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Ivy’s spanking was so hard Harley would squeal and kick her legs as if she were throwing a tantrum, all the while ************. “I love being spanked!” The scene was turning Selina on she imagined Batman spanking her and blushed just thinking about it.

After several “Ohs” Ivy interlocked her legs with Harley’s. She started to gyrate her hips again and Harley bit her lip. ‘Oh! Do that more! That feels so good!” Both women were now moving their hips, rubbing each other’s ciltori against each other and they both were moaning even more.

“Oooohhhhyeeessss!” Ivy screamed

‘OH Ivy! Oh Ivy! Oh Ivy!” Harley shouted.

“Harleyharleyharleyharleyharley!” Ivy added.

“Batman! Batman! Ohhhhhh Batman!” Selina shouted, she found it easier to shout Batman in replacement of shouting Bruce. It was the only way to protect his identity.

“Oh IVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Harley screamed in a high pitch as she orgasmed.

“Harley!!!!!!!” Ivy shouted as she reached her climax as well. The ground beneath them was covered in wet fluid from both womens’ orgasms and they lay flat on their backs as they came down from their high. As soon as they did, Ivy looked at the screen of the smiling Penguin and then looked down. “Oh my god!” she said as she covered her breasts. “What did I just do?”

“You did what we were hoping Miss Kyle would do.” RIddler said as he rested his chin on his hands. /”At least the night wasn’t a total loss.”

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Selina shouted as she came again. “You just had scissor *** with Harley in front of the top villains in Gotham.” She said as she sat up, her privates were beginning to get sore.

“What?” Harley blurted as she sat up and realized she was naked. ‘Eeep!” she screamed as she brought her knees to her chest. “I just cheated on Mistah Jay! With a woman!”

“Shut up Harley!” Ivy said as she stood up, her arms forming an upside down L as they covered her nakedness. Selina could see that despite being green, Ivy’s face was also a shade of red. “We need to get out of here, away from the…CAMERAS! OH GOD!” She shouted as she remembered it was being filmed. Both Ivy and Harley were crying and Selina took the opportunity to get to her feet and run away. As she ran, she heard them in the distance.

“Ivy! I…I’m feeling ***** again!” Harley cried. “What do I do?”

“We have to get out of here before…oh! Oh! Not again!” Ivy shouted.

Selina tried running faster as she heard both women start to have *** again. She saw the door to the room and opened it, feeling an even cooler breeze hit her as she stepped outside. It was so cold she felt her ******* perk up and she covered them. Looking around, she saw Batman standing over a defeated Joker, his face bloody from being punched in the face.

Batman looked back and saw Selina. He took his cape off and ran to her, wrapping it around her body.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“Yeah I’m…ecstatic actually.” She said as she realized she orgasmed twice. Then she remembered what led up to that, and she started to cry. “They saw me….they know who I am.”

Batman held her close and let Selina cry as she thought about how humiliated she was. “You can rise again.” He said when she had calmed down. “You can rise above this.”

“You think?” she asked as she looked up at him.

He looked down and smiled, “I was able to from Talia’s betrayal.”

“Oh damn.” Selina said as she remembered how this all started. “You’re not mad at me for that are you?”

“I was.” Batman said as he pulled her arms out to expose her body. “But I think my new bat signal makes up for it.”

He gestured toward the bat shaped pubic hair and she gasped, slapping him as she covered herself in the cape. “How dare you!” she shouted.

“Okay then.” He said as he grabbed the cape and ripped it from her body. Selina screamed as she raised one knee to cover her groin and her hands to cover her breasts. “That’s not funny Batman…I…oh no.”

“What is it?” Batman said as he readied a batarang for any danger that could show up.

“We have to go to the batmobile now…that Blushing Venus is acting up again.”



Harley Quinn and Ivy were both arrested. When the police arrived they were stunned to see both women going down on each other. They had to be physically pulled off of each other and put into handcuffs. On the ride to Arkham, both women tried having *** in the back. When the effects of the Blushing Venus finally wore off, both women were forced to be wrapped in a large amount of gauze to soothe their sore crotches after having so much ***. The gauze wrapped around them was so large it looked like they were wearing diapers. Worst of all, they could not wear pants until they took the gauze off and so both of them were forced to walk around in their embarrassing state for quite some time.

Talia Al Ghul was also arrested but her convoy was attacked by the League of Assassins. They rescued her from going to prison but for her insolence in almost exposing Batman’s identity, she was forbidden to wear clothes while with the League of Assassin and was forced to jog naked around the halls until she could finally fit into clothes without a girdle.

As for Catwoman, she retired her persona now that she had been exposed. Bruce tried his best to destroy all copies of the tape that was made but unfortunately, it surfaced on the internet onto every **** site. Catwoman was mortified and refused to step out into public. It would take a long time before she could muster up the confidence to become a costumed burglar. This made Bruce happy because it meant Selina was obeying the law. Anytime he suspected that she was about to return to her life of crime, he would have the video playing on all of the TVs in his mansion which made her retreat into her room again.


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