A different Kind of Catfight Ch 2 by bbettyblambabam


Chapter 2. enjoy!

2: Enter Batgirl

“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Spank me harder!” Talia said on the large screen displayed in the batcave. She was naked and *******, Superman standing behind her as he spanked her, her large buttocks jiggling wildly as the Kryptonian hit it. Selina covered her mouth to hide her smile as Bruce continued watching the video of his former lover betraying him with his old friend.

“You are much more of a man than Bruce ever was!” Talia shouted.

“If it makes you feel better, I taught her a lesson.” Selina remarked. But Bruce didn’t respond, his eyes remained fixated on the screen, his cowl covering his face and preventing Selina from seeing any sign of emotion.

“Bruce…are you okay?” Selina asked, reaching her hand out to touch his shoulder.

“Don’t.” he said. “I’ll be fine.”

Selina felt a tinge of regret when she realized that she may have hurt Bruce by showing him this, then she shook her head and thought Whatever, I’m not the one who cheated on him. If he wants to brood about another thing then whatever. Turning towards the exit, Selina left Bruce alone, listening to the moans of Talia having *** with Superman.


A week had gone by since she had shown him the tape and nothing. Catwoman had hoped to hear something from him, even if it was to scold her. She imagined him appearing out of the darkness on a rooftop, grabbing her from behind and barking at her in that growly voice. She felt herself getting warm just thinking about it. Instead she concentrated on her current job, sneaking into the home of Carmine Falcone. Word on the street was that someone was taking out his soldiers, causing him to lose business and so his current stash of money was being moved to his home for safety. Catwoman was hoping to capitalize on the opportunity.

Standing on the rooftop of an apartment complex a few blocks away from Carmine’s, she put on her nightvision goggles to scope the place out from a distance. She saw a few guards on the second floor and thought about the best way to take them out until she saw something dart across her vision. Leaping back she looked around and saw something imbedded into the ground, it was a sharp batarang, but somewhat different from the one Bruce threw.

“I hope you’re happy.” A voice said.

Looking up, Catwoman raised her goggles and saw a dark figure on the rooftop adjacent to hers, long hair flowing in the wind, the moon shedding enough light to show that it was red. Across her rather large breasts was a bat symbol and her cape, while not as long as Batman’s, slowed in the wind.

“Batgirl.” Catwoman said.

Leaping onto the roof Catwoman was on, Batgirl looked at her with narrow eyes, she clearly wasn’t happy. “You broke him you know.” She said.

“Broke who?”

“Batman!” she screamed. “You broke him with that disgusting movie!”

“Whoa time out.” Catwoman said, “There is only one guy who broke Batman, I just revealed to him he was in love with a two timing *****.”

“Well thanks to you, Gotham is in chaos.” Batgirl said as she rested her hands on her hip.

“What are you talking about?”

Batgirl gestured to below her. “Haven’t you been paying attention? All week crime has been rising rapidly. Robberies, murders, Falcone’s in a gang war with the Ventriloquist and apparently there was a breakout at Arkham!”

Catwoman’s mouth opened but no words came out. She was speechless. “That’s…impossible..the Ventriloquist is dead..and how can all this happen in one week?”

“Because Batman has been stuck in the cave for a week. He’s distraught over what you showed him and now we’re all trying to contain the mess you started!”

Catwoman clenched her fist and took a step forward. “I didn’t start this. It’s HIS fault he can’t deal with an ugly truth. Gotham has always been his city so it’s not my responsibility he can’t take care of it. It’s also not my responsibility that his children can’t take care of it either.”

Rather than saying anything, Batgirl reached into her cloak and threw another batarang at Catwoman, who was agile enough to bend back and dodge it. “I’m going to make you pay.”

“Well I was going to help you but I see you need to get taught a lesson.” Catwoman said as she cracked her whip. She lashed it out at Batgirl’s legs but Batgirl leapt into the air and stuck her leg out for a kick. Catwoman did a forward roll to dodge it and then tried again to whip at her foe. Batgirl however, was too fast as she leapt in the air towards Catwoman and landed a punch to her face. Catwoman fell back, dropping her whip as she wiped blood from her lip. “Looks like someone’s been training.”

Catwoman rose to her feet and as she did, Batgirl aimed her batclaw and fired it. The claw flew out and latched onto the zipper of Catwoman’s suit. Smiling, Batgirl grabbed the line and pulled forward, causing Catwoman’s suit to unzip, exposing her cleavage and torso. She decided not to wear a bra tonight and regretted it now. Satisfied with her work, Batgirl retracted the claw and watched as Catwoman looked down in shock. While she didn’t cover her exposure, she did blush a little as she ran her hand over her exposed skin. “Let me tell you a story about two ninjas and a certain princess.” She said.

“Oh I already know that story.” Batgirl said, “That’s why I followed you here to teach you a lesson. You could’ve just left things alone but you had to let your jealousy over Batman get the best of you. You couldn’t deal with the thought of someone more attractive stealing him away from you.”

“You might want to brush up on your detective skills.” Catwoman said through gritted teeth. “First of all, if you saw the video, you could see Talia was NOT hotter than me and second of all you might want to think about keeping your theories to yourself.” She did a forward handspring and leapt into the air over Batgirl’s head and landing behind her. Before Batgirl could react, Catwoman grabbed her cape and pulled it over her shoulder, slamming Batgirl to the ground with a loud RRRRIIP!

Looking up, Batgirl saw her cape in Catwoman’s hand. “You see? You would have been fine had you not pissed me off.”

“Well I’m not done yet!” Batgirl said as she reached into her utility belt and threw a smoke bomb at Catwoman’s feet.

Catwoman tried to leap in the air but the smoke bomb hit the ground too soon and she was blinded by the stinging wave of smoke that emitted from it. She barely leapt off the ground and instead, crashed onto the ground, tearing some of her suit, exposing her smooth legs. Still coughing, Catwoman didn’t see that Batgirl came up from behind her and grabbed onto the back of her suit and tried pulling on the back of it. Eyes wide with horror, Catwoman tried fighting Batgirl off but it was futile and she managed to pull back the top of her suit and yanked down, exposing Catwoman’s D sized breasts. They shined brightly under the moon and bounced a little as they were freed. Finally, Catwoman managed to rear her head back and hit Batgirl in the face who stumbled back a few steps.

Rising to her feet, Catwoman tried to pull on her suit but realized that it had been tugged so hard that the zipper was ruined. “Ugh…great. First a bra now a whole suit. Well…this is useless.” Slowly, she hooked her thumbs into the bottom half of her suit and pulled down, sighing as she felt the cool breeze of the night air hitting her legs, exposing her black thong. She wasn’t too keen on fighting half naked, but she knew it would be too much of a distraction fighting with a suit that flopped off of her.

If anyone was distraught by this, it was Batgirl, who stood wide eyed with her mouth open as Catwoman stripped. “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m getting rid of this ruined suit no thanks to you.” Catwoman said as she kicked off the suit.

“B…but..I can see your..underwear..and your breasts!” Batgirl said as she pointed.

Catwoman felt her face get a little warm a she realized Batgirl was right, but the thought of her opponent being more unsettled by it made it easy for her to ignore the embarrassment. That and she thought how ridiculous it was to see the ninjas and Talia cowering in their nakedness and decided she would maintain her dignity…or what was left of it. “Oh no...my body that I’m proud of is being exposed to someone who DID HALF THE JOB IN EXPOSING ME!”

“I..I wanted you to be embarrassed!” Batgirl said angrily, “Don’t you have any shame?”

Smiling, Catwoman said, “Not as much as you’re going to have when I return the favor.”

Gasping, Batgirl backed away and said, “Never!” and she tried throwing another batarang at Catwoman who dodged it again. With her suit gone, she felt lighter on her feet, dashing left and right as she dodged batarang after batarang. As she got closer, Batgirl tried reaching for her utility belt but by then, Catwoman was too close and she grabbed her wrist.

“Uh uh.” She said, “I don’t have any toys to play with.” Grabbing her other wrist, Catwoman pinned both of them above Batgirl’s head and against the door of the entrance to the apartment complex roof.

“Let me go!” Batgirl screamed as she tried squirming free, but it was useless as Catwoman was stronger than her. With her claws still on her hands, Catwoman slashed upward and cut the utility belt from Batgirl’s waist. “No! Stop!” she screamed as she lifted her knee into Catwoman’s stomach. Catwoman doubled over as she let go, allowing Batgirl to dash away, but not before Catwoman turned around and lunged forward with a downward slash.

Kneeling on the ground to catch her breath, she looked down and was relieved that she still had the utility belt and then looked up to see Batgirl’s back facing her and below, Catwoman could see she had slashed at Batgirl’s rear, exposing the back of her red and black underwear that had a yellow R on it. “Wait.” Catwoman said with a smile. “You and Robin?”

“What are you talking about?” Batgirl asked as she turned to Catwoman who was pointing down. Batgirl looked down and then screamed as she turned her behind away from Catwoman and covered her backside, her cheeks almost as red as her hair. “You weren’t supposed to see that!”

“What? Your boy wonder *******? Is he your boyfriend?” Catwoman said as she stood up.

“N..no. he’s not my boyfriend!”

“Aww how cute. You have a crush on Batman’s sidekick.”

“Shut up!” Batgirl said, her fists balling up but still covering her behind. “I’m going to kick your ass!”

“How?” Catwoman asked, “Are you going to do that without this?” She held up the utility belt and Batgirl winced. “Let’s just see what other goodies you have in here.” Catwoman said as she opened up a pouch. She reached in and pulled out two small capsules. “What are these?”

Batgirl’s mouth dropped and she held her hand up. “No…not that!”

Smiling, Catwoman threw the pills at her and they landed at her feet, exploding with a loud HSS! Batgirl screamed as jets of liquid shot out and sprayed her legs. “No no no no no no!” she screamed as she ran her hands on her legs. Slowly, the liquid began to burn through her pants and boots. The black and yellow outfit melted away, exposing more of her legs until finally they were completely gone. Now Batgirl stood there in her Robin ******* which also had a yellow R on the front. She also was left standing in her white socks. Buckling her legs, she tried pulling her top over her Robin ******* to cover as much as she could. “Look what you did you idiot!”

“Uh honey. Word of advice, when you’re at the mercy of being stripped by someone, don’t call them an idiot because they’ll just make the humiliation worse.”

Wincing as she squeezed her legs tighter, Batgirl smiled nervously and said, “You’re right.. I was just kidding. Please let me go.”

Rifling through other pouches, Catwoman smiled, “Sorry, I never get to play with the fun Bat-toys and I’m enjoying this. Oooh, this one shines.” She pulled out a round metal device that had glowing blue lights. “What does this do?”

“Please…just let me go and don’t use that!”

Shrugging, Catwoman threw the ball at Batgirl. She screamed and tried to dodge it but her socks caused her to slip into the device instead. There was a bright flash and then a loud scream as a light blue tint spread all over Batgirl’s top and mask. She continued screaming but her hands were still stuck on her shirt. Catwoman noticed that her teeth started to chatter. Eyes widening in horror, she realized what that device was, it was an ice grenade and it had frozen Batgirl’s upper torso.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry Batgirl.”

“H-h-h-elp-p-p m-m-me! I’m s-s-o c-c-old!”

Catwoman ran towards her frozen foe, her breasts bouncing freely in the air and she asked, “How…do I get you out of this?”

“I d-d-on’t know j-just help!” Batgirl shouted, her legs still crossed as she was trying to cover her underwear. It was hard to tell if she was red from the cold or if she was blushing.

Catwoman tried to pull the mask off but it was too hard. “I can’t get a grip.” She put her foot on Batgirl’s stomach and grabbed tight on one of the ears and then almost fell backward as she pulled. The ear had broken off and all she had was an icy piece of Batgirl’s costume.

“Y-y-ou’re n-not helping!” she pouted. Stomping her legs up and down as she got more upset, looking more ridiculous that she was doing it without any pants.

Looking down at the broken ear, Catwoman looked at her opponent and bit her lip. “Sorry hon, there’s only one way to get you out of there.”

Batgirl’s eyes grew wide and she shouted, “Wait!”

Catwoman spun around and gave Batgirl a roundhouse kick square in the chest and there was a loud CRASH! As Batgirl landed on the ground. Black pieces were ****tered all over the rooftop and now lying before Catwoman was a redheaded woman in her underwear and socks. Shivering, Batgirl tried to rub her hands along her shoulders to keep warm and then stopped when she realized she was touching skin. Looking down she saw her exposed breasts, not as big as Catwoman’s, probably a C cup. Regardless, Batgirl was horrified as she looked around and realized her top had been shattered. Screaming she scrambled to her feet and used one arm to cover her breasts and another to cover her *******. “You…you ruined my costume!”

Catwoman didn’t say anything, she just stared at Batgirl’s face and finally blurted out, “Barbara? Barbara Gordon?”

Barbara froze and touched her face with her hand and screamed again when she realized her mask was gone as well. “Oh god! I’m half naked and one of my enemies knows my identity!” Tears started to well up in Barbara’s eyes as she fell to her knees and hunched over her body.

Catwoman scratched her head and walked to console her. “Hey…look I didn’t mean to uh, expose your identity. That’s not cool.” Barbara didn’t respond, she just rocked back and forth, clutching her chest tighter.

“This wasn’t how it was supposed to happen.”

“Well I’m sorry but when someone starts attacking me I’m going to retaliate.” Catwoman said.

“No that’s not it. I was supposed to strip you and then turn you..uh crap.” Barbara covered her mouth as she realized she let something she shouldn’t have slip.

“Turn me what?!” Catwoman yelled.

“Nothing. I…didn’t say anything.” Barbara said with a nervous smile.

Catwoman grabbed her hair and pulled it back, causing Barbara to yelp. “Turn me into who?” she held her claws close to Barbara’s face.

“….I…was going to turn you in to Talia and in return she was going to help clean up the city. PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!”

“Oh it’s too late for that.” Catwoman said as she bent down and grabbed the back of Barbara’s ******* and pulled up as hard as she could. Barbara cried out in pain as the ******* rode up her ass cheeks, briefly looking like a thong. Catwoman took her claws and cut the side of her *******, causing them to fall to Barbara’s feet.

“EEEEk!” she screamed, “I’m naked!” Her hands ran to her crotch as she tried to run away but Catwoman saw her whip close by and picked it up.

“Uh uh you aren’t going anywhere.” She said as she sent her whip out at Barbara and pulled her back as it wrapped around her. With her arms tied to her side


“EEEEk!” she screamed, “I’m naked!” Her hands ran to her crotch as she tried to run away but Catwoman saw her whip close by and picked it up.

“Uh uh you aren’t going anywhere.” She said as she sent her whip out at Barbara and pulled her back as it wrapped around her. With her arms tied to her side, Catwoman looked down at Barbara’s small strip of red pubic hair. “So Barbara Gordon, I was going to let you go but since you unheroically planned on setting me up, I think I have something else in mind.”

Barbara closed her eyes as more tears fell and she cried, “Please let me go! I just want to go home before anyone else sees me!”

“Why are you so worried? You look nothing like Batgirl right now, all anyone can see is a naked Barbara Gordon in her socks.”

Barbara looked down and when she realized Catwoman was right she started sobbing even louder. “If Batman doesn’t get you my daddy will!”

“Ugh. Okay, this night is over.” Catwoman said as she started pulling Batgirl off of the roof.


It was a late and Tim Drake was tired after a full night of fighting crime. Things had been crazy these past couple nights and Bruce was nowhere to be found. His thoughts over what could be keeping Bruce from protecting his city were interrupted when there was a knock on his apartment door.

“Who could that be at this hour?” he asked, grabbing his bo staff as he slowly approached the door. Peeking through the hole he clutched his staff tighter when he didn’t see anyone out there. He grabbed the knob and slowly turned it, pulling the door slightly open and asked, “Who’s there?”


Stepping back, Tim looked down and gasped. On the floor was Barbara Gordon, her hands tied behind her back and her legs bound together at the ankles and she was naked except for her socks. Tim tried to focus but he had always fantasized about Barara’s slim body and wondered what it looked like under her tight costume. As he gazed at her breasts he looked down and saw a message written on her hip in black sharpie. It said, “I” and then there was a small heart and then “Robin.”

“Wow….” He said and then he felt a slight tingle in his nether regions and instantly covered up. “Sorry Barb, sometimes I can’t control the little Robin you know?”

“grmrmfmf!” she mumbled. Tim realized she had some red ball lodged in her mouth, muffling her screams. He bent down and pulled out the ball and then realized it wasn’t a ball, it was a red cloth.

“Tim! Don’t look at that!” Barbara screamed.

It was too late, Tim unfolded the cloth and his jaw dropped when he saw what they were. It was a crumpled up pair of red ******* with his logo on it. This made his crotch even more erect as it bulged out from his boxer shorts. “Gee Barb if you liked me so much all you had to do was ask.” He said. A nervous grin spread across his face as he looked down at Barbara’s red pubic area. “Wow, so you’re a natural redhead after all.”

At those words, Barbara’s face grew even redder as she started sobbing again. It had been an awful night for her. Stripped of her clothes in front of Catwoman and to make matters worse, her identity had been exposed in the process. To add insult to injury, she was now ******* and naked in front of her crush. The thought of the humiliation just made her cry even harder.

From the stairwell, Catwoman could hear Barbara’s cries and she smiled. She was currently wearing a long black dress under a long trench coat with her mask still on. On her way to Tim’s house, she saw a woman on the streets and managed to pull her into an alleyway and strip her of her clothes. After all, she wasn’t about to carry a naked Batgirl in a state of undress herself.

“I hope you’ll thank me sometime Tim.” She said as she held up a piece of paper with his address that she had pulled out of Barbara’s utility belt. “I think you and Barbara are going to have a lot of fun. But now, I have to figure out if Talia tipped anyone else off.”

The thought of Talia getting revenge unsettled Catwoman. She had the League of Assassins at her disposal but would she utilize them after they had all witnessed her shameful defeat? Catwoman stepped out of an emergency exit to the apartment as she brainstormed, not realizing that there were footsteps behind her. Before she could react, a large mallet swung against the back of her head, knocking her out completely as she fell forward onto the ground.

“Sorry hon!” a high pitched voice said, “But Mistah J has a bunch of guests waiting for you and he doesn’t want you to be late!”


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