A different kind of catfight (Catwoman fanfic) by bbettyblambabam


Here's a story I recently wrote that I enjoyed doing after a positive response from others so I thought I'd share it here as well. I'll post the other chapters later.

A Different kind of catfight

It just wasn’t fair, Selina thought. She ran into Bruce first. All the nights fighting together and against each other had less to do with the battles themselves but more to do with the passionate tension between them. Then, Talia al Ghul comes along with her high and mighty father and next thing she knows, Bruce has a son. Named Damian, DAMIAN. How could someone who fights lunatics like the Joker, Two-Face and the Riddler love someone who names their son Damian? Just thinking about it made her blood boil. It wasn’t right and more importantly, it hurt because Selina viewed the presence of the son as a sign that her time with Bruce was over. This made her desire to make Bruce hers even stronger. Rare diamonds or money were fun, but stealing the heart of her lover was becoming an obsession.

Selina knew that Bruce was stubborn and that talking with him about how Talia was not good for him would be pointless. No, she needed proof, some evidence she could show Gotham’s great detective that Talia did not have his best interests in mind. This led Selina to making no other choice but to sneak into the headquarters of the League of Assassins and find something from Talia’s. Perhaps a diary in which she professed that she was using Bruce or something of that nature.

Selina grabbed her gear and was off to the airport. Unbeknownst to Bruce, Catwoman had often followed him during his excursions. Sometimes out of curiosity, other times for her own pleasure of testing her own stalking skills and who better than the caped crusader? During one of her exercises, she managed to follow Bruce to Infinity Island where the League of Assassins was located. She initially thought such a travel would lead to something rare and valuable but was stunned when she saw him entering the League of Assassins’ base…with her.

After arriving on the island, Catwoman zipped up her catsuit and donned her night goggles, scanning the entrance to the League of Assassins. No one was guarding the entrance and she crept inside, her back against the wall, listening for any guards who might catch her. Catwoman knew that the soldiers in the LoA were not a joke. Each guard she monitored from the darkness was a woman, dressed in black military slacks and a leather strapless bodice that looked so tight their breasts seemed like they would burst out of them. Most importantly, each guard was carrying a samurai sword and that was what Catwoman knew she’d have to be careful of.

Fortunately for her, the guards were not Batman and did not have the detection skills to identify her. Traveling through the labyrinth of the League was rather simple, ducking behind corners whenever she saw guards and then sneaking by them after they left. Whenever she approached a door, she would peak inside and look for clues that might identify the room as Talia’s. Catwoman went through many doors and was about to give up when she finally came upon a door that was at the end of a long flight of stairs. Looking behind her to make sure she wasn’t being watched, she opened the door and peaked through the crack.

Inside was a large room decorated with what seemed to be Victorian era furniture. On the right side was a large velvet couch and in the center was a large dresser. To the left was a dressing divider that stood in front of a large cabinet. Also in the room was a long mirror that was clearly used to stand in front of and admire oneself. Catwoman assumed this to be Talia’s boudoir and thought purrrfect, what better place to dig some dirt on Talia than in the room where she keeps her unmentionables?

Catwoman walked towards the large cabinet when she heard a loud “****!” Immediately, she grabbed her whip from her belt and turned around to see two ninjas standing behind her. One of them had long black hair tied in a pontytail and the other had shorter blonde hair that was neatly cropped like Catwomans’.

“Who are you and what are you doing in our Mistresses’ boudoir?” the blonde asked.

Smiling, Catwoman said, “Just doing some shopping, looks like someone has been slacking on their guard duties.”

“No one steals from the League of Assassins and lives.” Said the dark haired woman as she unsheathed her sword. “Surrender and your death will be quick and painless.”

Catwoman flicked her wrist to crack her whip. “Where’s the fun in that?” She circled the two women as they tried to surround her. She was careful to always check behind her as the blonde ninja seemed adamant to flank her. To her surprise, the other made her first move, swinging her sword at Catwoman’s abdomen and missing as she did a backflip, landing on the sofa. “Close one.” She said with a smile.

The dark haired ninja placed her hand on her hip and nodded to Catwoman. Looking down, Catwoman noticed that the ninja had cut a slash into her costume just above her hip, showing off the upper lace to her red lingerie. Resisting the urge to cover up, Catwoman sighed and said, “So that’s the game we’re playing. No problem then.”

The two ninjas readied their swords as Catwoman stepped off the couch, stepping on either side of her to block her escape. However, Catwoman didn’t plan on leaving, instead flicked her wrist again, the lash of the whip hitting the wrist of the blond ninja and making a loud CRACK! The blond yelped and dropped her sword. The dark haired ninja looked to her friend and while she was distracted, the whip lashed out at her hands, causing her to drop her sword as well. While both ninjas tended to their wrists, Catwoman used her whip to pull both swords away from them. Smiling, she watched as they both took defensive stances with their hands in the air.

“Foolish woman.” The blond said, “You really think we’re nothing without our swords?”

“Mmm..no not without your swords.” Catwoman said. Quickly, she lashed her whip out at the blondes’ midsection and there was a loud snap as she pulled back so she could send the whip out again at the upper torso of the dark haired ninja. Both women looked at each other in confusion, wondering why their opponents’ blow didn’t hurt them in anyway. They stepped towards Selina but stopped when they heard a faint noise. Simultaneously, there were two ripping sounds as both women’s bodices split up the middle before falling to the ground, exposing their naked breasts. The blondes’ breasts, while large, did not seem to bounce as much as the dark haired ninjas’, whose breasts jiggled slightly as they fell from their support. Even though they had masks, Catwoman smiled at their embarrassment as they both gasped and covered their chests with their arms. “…I am curious to see how you both are without your clothes.” She said.

Both of their eyes grew wide with fear and the blond ninja was about to turn until Catwoman lashed her whip out at the blondes’ hip. There was a loud CRACK! And the blonde felt cool breeze touching her legs as her slacks slid down into a pool of fabric around her ankles. She wore pink bikini style ******* with strawberries on them. The blond let out a loud squeal as her legs buckled together and she tried using her other hand to cover her underwear.

The dark haired ninja watched in horror of her friends’ fate and turned to run for the door. “Uh uh uh.” Catwoman said. “Where do you think you’re going?” With her arms covering her large bouncing breasts, the dark haired ninja was about to reach the door until she felt Catwoman’s whip wrap around her torso and her legs, constricting so tight that she could no longer move them. She nearly lost balance as Catwoman pulled her close, so close that she thought Catwoman was going to kiss her. “You still have something that belongs to me.” Catwoman hissed. With that, she loosened dark haired ninja’s belt from its notch and then grabbed tight onto it as she kicked her loose from her whip. Becoming dizzy, the dark haired ninja spun out of Catwoman’s whip and as she did, Catwoman grabbed her belt and pulled it from the loops of her pants. As if twirling like a ballerina, the ninja spun around and around, her pants dropping to the ground as well. When she was done spinning her back was facing Catwoman, exposing a black thong. Instantly the dark haired ninja screamed and tried covering her crotch along with her breasts. What she forgot to cover was her backside which had a tattoo of a kiss mark on her right cheek.

“Nice tattoo.” Catwoman said as she sent her whip towards the woman’s tattooed backside, causing a sharp pain. The woman yelped as she moved her hands to cover her rear as she turned to face Catwoman. Despite wearing masks, she could see that their faces were blushing from embarrassment. Their bodies trembled as they squirmed to cover as much of their exposed skin as possible. Laughing, Catwoman said, “I didn’t realize modesty was a requirement in joining the League of Assassins.”

“Shut up!” the blonde ninja shouted.

Catwoman scowled at her and lashed her whip towards the blonde’s face. She squealed but kept her hands over her breasts and underwear as she closed her eyes. After the whip had cracked again she felt her ninja mask split in two before falling to the ground with the rest of her clothing. There was another CRACK and the dark haired ninja found that her mask was also gone from her face, instead sliding down her half naked frame. Standing before Catwoman were no longer two brave ninja assassins but instead, two humiliated women in their undergarments.

“Shall we finish the rest ladies?” she asked.

“No!” they both screamed and before Catwoman could attack the door swung open.

“What the hell is going on?” they heard. Catwoman looked with curiosity while the color from both ninjas’ faces drained as their bodies froze. Standing behind them was a tall woman with tanned skin and long brown hair. She wore tight leather pants and a strapless top under a black jacket. Catwoman smirked as she made eye contact with Talia al Ghul while the two half naked ninjas slowly turned to their master.

Talia looked down at them with disgust and said, “Explain to me why this intruder is in my boudoir and why both of you are out of uniform.”

The blonde spoke first, “M..mistress. We tried to stop her but she…she…moved too fast..we didn’t expect-”

“-didn’t expect what? That both of you would suffer such a humiliating defeat from a petty thief?” Talia interrupted.

Petty thief? Bitch you are so going down Catwoman thought.

Talia circled her servants, stopping to look down at the tattoo of the dark haired ninja before shaking her head.

“Never mind. Both of you leave. I will deal with you two later.”

With their eyes aimed at the ground, both women nodded as they stepped out of their fallen trousers and bent down to pick up their clothing that had been effortlessly stripped from their bodies.

“Leave them!” Talia said, causing them both to look up to her with shock. “Since you two failed to keep these garments on, then you are clearly not worthy to wear them. You both will finish your duties guarding the halls in your current state of undress.”

“B…but mistress!” the blonde cried.

“Enough! Leave!” Talia said.

Catwoman watched as both women left the room, hands over their breasts and groins as they repressed sobs. As soon as they were out of the room she heard them scream, followed by the laughter of other ninjas that obviously saw them. Their laughter was muted when Talia shut the door. “A little harsh don’t you think?” Catwoman asked.

“This is the League of Assassins and we demand a certain level of expertise in our ranks that those two are no longer worthy of. I wouldn’t expect you to understand since you are a common criminal. Now what are you doing here?”

Catwoman circled Talia to keep her in her eyesight. “Just doing a little shopping. I stumbled into your boudoir and thought I’d see what miss-high-and-mighty keeps hidden in her drawers.”

Talia drew a knife from her jacket and said, “How dare you! You’re just jealous because Bruce chose to have a son with me instead of you.”

Instinctively, Catwoman drew her whip again in a fit of rage. “I am so going to hurt you for that.”

“Try me!”

Catwoman swung her whip however Talia raised her arm and let it wrap around her forearm, pulling it back so hard that Catwoman lost her grip. “Now you can’t try the same trick you did on my guards.”

Smiling, Catwoman opened her hands as she brandished her claws. “Oh honey, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Talia lunged toward Catwoman and tried slashing at her midsection, only to cut air as Catwoman leapt back. She then tried to kick Talia who blocked it with her forearm. Grabbing onto Catwomans’ ankle, she pulled her forward and slashed upward. Gasping, Catwoman pushed with her other leg and kicked Talia in the stomach, doing a backwards roll away from her as Talia let go of her leg. Standing up she felt where Talia cut her and looked down when she felt her soft skin. Talia had cut the center of her catsuit and it had split open, exposing her midriff and bra…that was until her bra split open.

“Well you owe me a new bra now.” Catwoman said as she pulled it from out of her costume, covering her breasts and tucking them as best she could under her suit. She tossed her bra at Talia who spat at it as it landed by her feet.

“No sense of shame whatsoever. Bruce never wanted a **** like you.” Talia hissed.

Her eyes wide with rage, Catwoman leapt into the air, doing a flip and landing behind Talia. Catwoman blocked Talia’s elbow and twisted her hand to force her to drop her knife. Then she slashed her claws upward, cutting her jacket in half. Talia turned out of her jacket and removed one half of it while Catwoman held onto the other. Talia’s slender form was shown under her black top. She lifted her hands in a defensive stance as she circled Catwoman. With an angry growl, Talia charged at Catwoman and leapt in the air attempting to kick her. Catwoman realized what she tried to do, sidestepped the kick and slashed at Talia with her right claws. Talia did a forward roll to break her fall and got up as soon as she landed. As Talia stood up, she said, “huh?” as she heard a loud THUD! And felt something slide down her legs. She noticed Catwoman smiling at her and that she was pointing down.

Talia looked down and squealed as she saw that her opponent had cut her belt, causing her pants to fall down and exposing her black g-string and garter belt. Squeezing her legs together, Talia covered her underwear with both hands and shuffled around as she tried to hide her exposed self.

“You….*****!” she cried.

Catwoman continued scanning her opponent and got a glimpse of her buttocks which to her surprise was larger than she would have expected for a woman who appeared slim. On the contrary, it jiggled a little as Talia moved and seemed to have a bit of cellulite to it as her cheeks sagged a little. “How did you manage to fit into those tight pants with that ass?”

Instinctively, Talia covered her behind with one hand and said.” Sh…shut up!”

Distracted with her state of undress, Talia didn’t realize that Catwoman’s whip was on the ground and was now in her hand. “Well let’s finish this.”

“No don’t!”

Catwoman flicked her wrist and the whip came lashing out at Talia’s midsection, Talia raised her arms but it was useless as the tip of the whip CRACKED! And split her top from the top down, exposing her bra and corset. Wincing, Talia used her arms to cover her midriff. “Please…stop…I’ll let you leave unharmed if you do.”

“Move your arms.” Catwoman said as she raised her whip.” Talia shook her head furiously. “Okay then.” Catwoman shrugged as she sent her whip towards Talia’s exposed behind. Talia screamed in pain as the whip snapped against her ass, causing it to jiggle again. Her hands went to her behind and Catwoman flicked her whip again at Talia’s torso. CRACK! The pain from Talia’s behind distracted her from realizing her corset had split open and fallen to the ground. But Catwoman was the one who gasped at what


“Move your arms.” Catwoman said as she raised her whip.” Talia shook her head furiously. “Okay then.” Catwoman shrugged as she sent her whip towards Talia’s exposed behind.

Talia screamed in pain as the whip snapped against her ass, causing it to jiggle again. Her hands went to her behind and Catwoman flicked her whip again at Talia’s torso. CRACK! The pain from Talia’s behind distracted her from realizing her corset had split open and fallen to the ground. But Catwoman was the one who gasped at what she saw.

Without her corset, Talia’s stomach no longer had the slender shape it had while she was clothed. Instead what was there was a soft protruding belly, not too large, but enough to where Catwoman said, “Hm..methinks Bruce has been spoiling you with a lot of chocolate Talia.”

Talia’s eyes widened in terror as she looked down and saw that her chubby belly was exposed. She screamed and wrapped her arms around it. “Stop! Please!”

“Mmm… no I think I’ll continue since you felt so high and mighty to humiliate your own subjects.”

“Please! I beg you! If you stop I won’t even tell Bruce on you.” Talia whimpered.

Catwoman felt her face go warm as she clenched her fist. “What?!” she shouted.

“I..i mean” Talia stuttered but it was too late. Catwoman stormed up to her and raised her hand. Talia held her hands up and closed her eyes, preparing herself for some great pain to be inflicted on her. Instead, she felt her breasts jiggle slightly and then a slight breeze hit her crotch. “no…” she whispered and opened her eyes. Catwoman had cut her bra and ******* off and both were on the ground along with her other clothes. Also on the ground were two large crumpled up balls of tissue which were held in her bra.

“Wow. I’m learning all sorts of things about you Talia.” Catwoman said with a smirk as she looked at Talia’s small breasts, indeed with her stomach sticking out she looked even less like the dark haired vixen she originally thought Talia was. The daughter of the man who trained Batman was now nothing but a slightly out of shape woman in only her garter belt who was now crying as she had both her hands covering her breasts and privates.

“I hate you!! I’m going to get you for this if it’s the last thing I do!” Talia screamed.

Realizing her opponent wasn’t going anywhere, Catwoman turned to her dressers and started rummaging through them.

“Wh..what are you doing now?” Talia asked

“Finishing my job, I got other important things to do than ********** women you know.” Catwoman said as she grabbed other corsets out of the dresser and threw them over her head. “Ah, so you’ve had that figure for a while.”

“shut up!” Talia shouted as she covered her stomach.

Catwoman continued rummaging through Taila’s drawers until she came upon the bottom one and smiled in glee. “Aha! Here we go.”

Talia’s eyes widened in horror as she saw Catwoman open the bottom drawer. “no! stop!” she said as she walked towards her, forgetting that her ankles were still ******* in her pants and she fell to the ground. “Owww!”

Rolling her eyes, Catwoman continued looking through her drawers. “Let’s see, ********, ****** clamps, blindfold, another ********…”

Talia’s face grew more red as Catwoman named off all of the things she tried to keep hidden. Then the bombshell came.

“Hellooooooo. DVD.”

“No! Not that!” Talia said as she tried crawling towards Catwoman, her pants still around her ankles.

Catwoman looked at the DVD and saw that it had an “S” symbol on it. “Wait…it’s not an ‘S’” she said, “It’s the symbol for hope….this is Superman’s symbol.” She turned to Talia. “You’ve been sleeping with him haven’t you?”

Talia’s face that was once bright red was now pale. “N..no. Not at all…that’s just…a bootleg movie..yes that’s it.”

“Bull****.” Catwoman said, “This is a *** tape isn’t it? You lying *****, you steal my man and then cheat on him behind his back?”

“You don’t understand!” Talia cried.

“I don’t need to. But Bruce will probably want to know, and you’ll have to explain it to him after I show him the movie.” Catwoman said as she walked past Talia and towards the door.

“No! You mustn’t! Please!” Talia begged as she tried scrambling to her feet. Her **** and stomach jiggled a bit as she stood up, stumbling forward as she tried to pull her pants up.

“You’ll have to catch me!” Catwoman said in a teasing manner as she walked out Talia’s door.

“No! Stop! Guards! Guards! Catwoman is here! She-whoa!” Talia screamed as she tripped forward again on her pants and out of her room into the halls. Realizing she was still undressed, she tried getting to her feet as quick as she could but heard a loud SLAM! Behind her. She turned around and saw Catwoman in front of the door, smiling at her. “Those guards should be here any minute now, so I better be going. I’ll let you know how Bruce likes the movie!” She said as she ducked into the shadows.

“Nooooooooo!” Talia screamed as she waddled sideways towards the darkness as her pants were still around her ankles.

“What is wrong mistress?” a voice from behind Talia said. Talia froze and then she heard a gasp behind her, and then another, and another, and eventually she just heard a chorus of silent mutters. Instantly, Talia tried to cover her behind and her small breasts as she turned around and saw about ten of her ninja guards standing behind her, stunned at seeing their superior standing there in just a garter belt with her pants around her ankles.

“Mistress….where are you clothes and why is your…oh…oh my.” The ninja said as she saw that the slender figure she thought Talia had was only a deception.

“Don’t look at me!” Talia screamed as she realized her subjects were staring at her slightly chubby body. Her hands alternated from covering her breasts, to covering her stomach and crotch. The voices of her guards grew louder as she saw them whispering to each other, her anxiety of being exposed made it hard for her to concentrate but what she heard was

“I thought her breasts were larger.”

“I thought her ass and stomach were smaller.”

These comments made Talia blush even more as her legs buckled together.

“Looks like someone isn’t worthy to wear her uniform.” Talia heard a voice say. Then, the blonde and dark haired ninjas, still clad in their underwear emerged from the crowd, covering their breasts as they stared at their naked mistress.

“Please…I..I can explain.” Talia said meekly.

“Why? When we tried to explain you ordered us to walk the corridors in this shameful state.” The blonde said.

“I don’t think she should really give us orders anymore.” The dark haired one said, “In fact, aren’t we all tired of the little princess ordering us around?” she asked to the others who all nodded in approval. “Especially when we’re in better shape than she is.”

Talia started backing away but then screamed when she backed into a ninja that was behind her. “My father will hear of this if you don’t stop!” she said.

“You know your father wouldn’t approve of allowing Catwoman to get the best of you. He would expect this type of punishment.” The blonde said. “Bend her over!”

Talia was about to run for it but the ninja behind her

grabbed her by the arm and threw her over one knee, her buttocks sticking in the air. Tears were streaming down Talia’s face. “This…is your last chance…let me go!”

There was no answer, only a loud SMACK! As the blonde ninja’s hand slapped Talia’s ass, causing her to yelp in pain. Then the dark haired ninja slapped it as well and soon all the ninjas in the hallway were doing it. Talia screamed at each slap and when it finally settled in that one of the most feared women in the League of Assassins had been stripped and exposed she blushed and screamed, “Daddy!”


“Daddy!” Catwoman heard from the entrance of the lair. She

didn’t know what happened to Talia but knew it must have been good. However, not as good as finding out what was on this DVD. Leaping into the night, Catwoman couldn’t wait to return to Gotham City. This job turned out to be more successful than she had planned because not only was she able to find what she was looking for, she was also able to humiliate her greatest foe and was about to do it again.


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