A Bitch to the Nth Degree by Nazgul


A Bitch to the Nth Degree by Nazgul

Our school is a girl’s only school run by nuns and a few laypeople. It was “strict and focused on academics, and the grooming of the future ladies of America.” Old money and a large portfolio of stocks supported it and investments that had been carefully handled by one of the nations leading investment firms over the years. But we are not here to discuss the finical well-being of the school or its curriculum. I am here to tell you a true story, one of many that go untold about life behind the walls of an all-girls school.

I am a senior as is my roommate Belinda Bocelli, BB as most of us call her, or Belly Button another nickname she inherited for her deep innie that sports a small gold ring and seems to be exposed a lot.

My name is Patty Anderson, and this is a story about, as BB says, “the pen being mightier than the sword.” It’s about how one person used her brains to settle a score with an overbearing, self-centered egotistical ***** that enjoyed picking on people smaller than her.

Nancy was a tall redhead whose dad is a state senator and comes from a long line of politicians and old money. The type that can get almost anything they want, either through connections, money, and if nothing else, blackmail and bribery. That is how Nancy ended up here at St. Catherine’s School for girls. Having been kicked out of other schools for fighting, drinking, smoking, and seducing a male teacher or two. Her dad got the Bishop of their diocese to pull some strings to get her in here so she could graduate and go on to “one of the better universities.”

Nancy is almost five ten and one hundred and twenty pounds. She is very strong for a girl, especially at eighteen. She is attractive, I’ll have to give her that, with average intelligence and a strong penchant for trouble and having to be the center of attention. She along with all the other things has had an abortion and a female lover or two along with many male suitors. Something that I thought would keep her out of this school if nothing else would.

She wasn’t here a week before she had formed her little following of some of the more delinquent types, girls who like to sneak smokes, cheat on exams when and where possible, and bully the other girls who were more timid and shy. Slugging them in the belly and ******* when there were not any instructors around and threatened to do worse if they said anything. Nancy is great a kneeing you in the crotch while playing soccer if you are not careful. She has gotten BB a few good ones while attacking. It’s the only way she can score on her. BB is one of the best centers the school has ever had, even the kneeing and threats of getting her **** squashed by Nancy does not frighten her into allowing them to score.

Nancy and her gang of four like to use the weaker girls to make themselves feel big and make them be a part of their little ****** games that they hold on the weekends. Most of the girls here are not gay, fact is I don’t know of any that are, but we do like to, how shall I say it, explore and participate in some sort of ****** activity amongst ourselves. Lots of the girls are not virgins and have had some experiences with boys but limited. From what I know of the student body, about half are virgins.

Everyone was too afraid to say anything about Nancy and her friends and no one wanted to be a snitch. The whole thing went crazy when Nancy beat up Kameko. Kameko is a small build Asian girl who likes a lot of us, are lifers. A lifer is a student who has been in Catholic school since day one. Everyone knew she was going to do it to get back at BB and to get BB to fight her. BB and Kameko were very close friends and both girls spent a great deal of time together with Kameko teaching BB the piano.

Nancy set things into motion when on Friday she had one of her gang of four tell Kameko that she was wanted her in the gym by one of the instructors, not suspecting anything Kameko went to the gym alone. Once in the gym Kameko quickly realized that she had been lied to. Trying to leave she found her way blocked. She saw Nancy waiting for her in the middle of the gym. She stood on the tumbling mats in her bra and ******* with a broad smirk on her face.

She challenged Kameko to fight, which Kameko refused, but to no avail.

Three of Nancy’s little group grabbed Kameko and stripped her to her underwear and pushed her onto the mats. Kameko stood there her hands at her sides and said, “I do not fight.”

Nancy smirked and said ok and pulled the front of her ******* down exposing a bright red bush and thick puffy lips said “kiss this, and I will let you go.” The other girls snickered and Kameko quietly answered “no.”

Kameko was very shy and timid, a brilliant student and a budding concert pianist, she would not say s--- if she had a mouth full. And while she knew she was about to get punched and probably beat up she refused to submit to Nancy’s demands. The quiet and shy Kameko had the heart and courage of a lion but was strictly anti-violent. A long line of Buddhist monks had come from her family lineage and her older brother was studying to be one. She would not disgrace them by fighting even if it meant getting beaten to a pulp.

I don’t know if Nancy knew this or not and she probably wouldn’t have cared if she had. She was in my opinion, a ***** to the nth degree.

Walking over to Kameko and smiling at her, she punched her low in the belly. The punch landed with a loud smack of Nancy’s fist as it impacted poor Kameko’s soft stomach.

OOUuuuffff, Kameko grunted as the punch almost lifted the small Asian off the mat. Her soft belly absorbed the punch and an angry red splotch appeared where Nancy’s fist had impacted the girl's stomach.

Doubling over she dropped to her knees holding her belly gasping for air. Nancy stood smiling down at her victim. Then slowly reached down and grabbed Kameko by her long thick main of black hair and pulled her to her feet. Kameko came up with a loud grunt as she stop protecting her stomach and grabbed a hold of Nancy’s wrist to ease the pressure on her scalp. As soon as Kameko straightened up, Nancy let go with her left straight into Kamekos’ belly button, Ooooufffffff.

Nancy’s fist found its target and sunk deep into the unprotected belly. Within seconds of the first punch, the fist again slammed into the soft fleshy tummy of Kameko. The punch sent an explosion of pain and agony to the girls’ brain as the blow pushed deep into her battered stomach.

Unnngggg, she grunted, staggering but not falling because of Nancy’s firm grip on her hair. She stood wobbling around like a drunken sailor, her eyes glazed over narrow slits unable to focus on anything. Once the semi-conscious girl looked like she could stand on her own, Nancy released the grip on her hair. Kameko stood there tottering to and fro.

Nancy, looking at the other four members of her group and the six or so other girls who heard bout the fight, flashed them a wicked smile. She was going to enjoy herself and said “ I’m going to have some fun with this stupid Jap ****”.

Kameko stood defenseless, her arms hanging limp at her sides, wobbling, trying to remain upright, not knowing what was going to happen to her next, totally defenseless.

Grabbing the front of Kameko’s white cotton bra, Nancy yanked it up allowing the girl's small pear-shaped breast to fall out. Kameko more out of instinct than anything else moved her hands up to cover them. When she did Nancy shot a short hard right into the gold soft skin of Kamekos’ belly.

Ooouuuffff Kameko grunted as the blow landed. The blow was meant to make Kameko drop her hands from her breasts and punish her but not knock her down. It worked, Kamekos’ hands went to her belly and her right knee came up in reaction to the punch. Nancy wasted no time in going to work on Kamekos’ small breast. Slapping at first one then the other. The slaps echoed throughout the gym eliciting a grunt after grunt from Kameko with each hit. Slowly the golden-colored flesh of Kamekos’ breasts turned bright red.

Each time Kameko went to cover her breasts, Nancy’s fist found her belly. It was obvious that everyone was enjoying the game but Kameko, who after the third punch no longer tried to cover or protect anything. She stood there absorbing the punishment to her body, half unconscious, grunting and groaning as her breasts were being repeatedly slapped and her stomach punched, refusing to cry or beg for mercy from her tormentor, until finally unable to take any more of the beating she collapsed at Nancy’s feet.

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