10 Minutes (Rewrite) by CountryMouse


10 minutes (rewrite) by CountryMouse

Even though Amy barely broke 5 feet, none of the girls messed with her. She hung out with the Skater kids that liked to bully a lot of the girls. It was well known that picking a fight with Amy was picking a fight with all her friends.

But preppy girl Christy was trusted enough to have keys to some of the offices. Earlier in the day, she discovered the keys missing. She started checking offices and soon caught Amy trying to steal tests. The fight almost started right there, but Christy shrewdly held her hands up to stop Amy.

“Look, I'm guessing you don't need more trouble. You're old enough that this could get you arrested.”

“Like I care.” Amy shrugged.

“I bet you don't,” said Christy not believing her. “But I don't have to say anything if...”

Amy was interested now. “If..?”

Christy was thinking fast, “If you show up behind the bleachers after school.”

The blonde skater girl wasn't following. “You want to fight me?”

“No.” replied Christy, “I'm going to beat the crap out of you, and you're going not going to fight back.”

What does a girl wear to a fight? Both girls were both at school all day and didn't have much choice in clothing. Amy was still wearing her leather jacket over a tight-fitting white tank top. Her jeans were cut very short, showing off long muscular legs. She was petite but athletic and her abs showed through her thin top. Many guys thought Amy had a great body.

Christy walked up wearing her PE clothes, a white t-shirt with black short shorts and sneakers. She put her long black hair into a long pony tail. She had a crowd of guys and girls following her. Any fight between girls was a popular event for obvious reasons. Distinctly missing were any of Amy's buddies, as the 2 girls agreed.

The crowd got loud as the girls squared off. Amy removed her jacket, glaring at her taller opponent. “I do this for 10 minutes and you don't say anything about me stealing the test?”

Christy couldn't keep a straight face. This was great! “You don't touch me for 10 minutes and we're good.”

“Fine but I'm going kick your ass la... G-uhhh!” As Amy tried to talk tough Christy wasted no time pulling her fist back and smashing it hard up into Amy's gut. Amy's whole body shook, and she bent forward. Her eyes went wide like a bug, and she bent forward around Christy's small fist.

Before Amy could breathe again, the tall brunette cocked her elbow again and fired another brutal uppercut into Amy's stomach. “Oaf!” The blonde's arms flailed trying to grab at Christy to keep her balance. Christy stepped back now, letting Amy drop to her knees holding her stomach.

Christy stood by her friends, teasing Amy as she suffered in the fetal position. She instinctively struggled to get back on her feet. Her attacker was back on her as she made it to her elbows and knees. Christy got a running start and kicked a field goal into Amy's unprotected guts.

“Ooooh!” Amy moaned tightening back into a ball. Christy had an idea now, she took drinks from people from the crowd. She kicked Amy over onto her back then poured soda all over the girl's face and shirt. Amy sputtered, yelling “Fuck!” She tried to wipe the dirt and drink off her face but it just made things worse.

Christy growled, “We're not done yet *****!” She grabbed Amy's shirt and pulled the girl to her feet. Christy spun her around and flung her back first to land hard against one of the bleacher support beams.

Amy saw what was coming and cried out, “No not the knee! OOF!” Christy still had her by the shirt as she cruelly pistoned her knee into Amy's destroyed belly. Amy hopped a little then doubled over, eyes closed, jaw slack. Christy was merciless as she enjoyed having the advantage. She smashed her knee once “OOF!”

Twice “OOF!”

Three times “OOF!”

Four times “OOF!”

Five “Oooooooh... cough...” Christy left that last knee in Amy's stomach trying to push deeper.

Amy didn’t even try to defend herself. She leaned against the beam with her hands at her sides, struggling for breath. Someone in the crowd, a girl surprisingly, shouted “Rip off her clothes!”

“No! There are guys!” Amy pleaded as Christy unfastened the button of her jean shorts. Then Christy yanked them down to her ankles displaying her shapely legs to the whole world.

“Eek!” Amy squeaked, red with humiliation. She dressed tough, but beneath the leather jackets, Amy was definitely a girl. Her smooth legs were freshly shaved and she had spent some time at Victoria’s Secret picking out nice blue ******* that made her thighs look amazing. “You *****! I’m going to kill you!”

Amy was forced to kick off her shoes and step out of her daisy dukes. Christy’s attention fell to the girl’s white tank top. Amy squirmed as her bully ran her cold fingers up and down the neck hole. Then she shoved a hand down the front of Amy’s shirt.

“Rip!” Christy pulled down, savagely tearing both her shirt and bra, stripping Amy to the waist. Suddenly, Amy’s small perfect breasts and lean torso were on display. Any doubts that she had a tight body were expelled at this moment.

Amy made to cover herself with her hands but Christy slapped them away. She used Amy’s own bra to tie her wrists above her head. Then, so that nothing was left to the imagination, she hooked her fingers into the strap of the girl's ******* and ripped them off of her. Here too, Amy was shaved clean.

Now Christy squared off with Amy, stretched out and naked. She used her right fist to pound Amy’s petite little belly over and over. The little punk just grunted over and over unable to fight back “Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn! Uhn!”

It went on like this for dozens of punches. Whenever Amy passed out Christy’s friend would blast her with a water hose so the beating could continue. True to her word once the timer hit 10 minutes, Christy cut Amy down. Amy curled into a ball and moaned as Christy made a pile out of the girl's ruined clothes and made a fire. They let her keep her leather jacket though, and walked with her, talking about the fight till one of Amy’s friends mercifully picked her up in a car.

Once she was safely in the vehicle, Amy screamed at Christy swearing revenge.

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