10 Minutes (original)


This is the original unedited version.

10 minutes Written by Countrymouse11 

When Amy arrived Christy was already pacing behind the 7-11 impatiently. No less than fifteen people, both guys, and girls had come with her to watch what was going to happen. A fight usually drew a crowd, a fight between two girls was pay per view.

Christy was promising them something even better. The senior was tall and willowy, dark hair framing a pale, regal face. The polar opposite of Amy who was short, slender, and a bit rough around the edges.

They could cut the tension with a knife as Amy walked right up to the senior to confront her. For a moment the punk and the princess faced off head to shoulder. Finally, Christy backed off a little releasing her in a small surrender. They would probably learn who fought better than who someday but not today. Amy smiled, Christy was bigger but no one was meaner than Amy.

The tall girl turned away for a moment then remembered that today she had the advantage. She had the good fortune of catching Amy with the missing test cheat sheets in her bag this morning and even luckier Christy was on her way to the pep rally and had the school paper's camera.

Amy stood confidently. "Okay, I'm here. Do your worst *****."

Christy spun around, grinning her charming, mischievous grin. "Alright, here it is then." Amy flinched a little as Christy bowed in close, really close to her ear. "for ten minutes, your gonna do everything I say, no questions."

Amy's face twisted into confusion, "Huh?"

"You heard me," she snapped, pacing around her once to size her up.

Amy turned her head and spit in the direction of Christy's feet. The senior dodged it with disgust. "Whatever *****"

Christy grinned again, dozens of ideas coming to mind at what she could do with this short little rival of hers. "take your shoes off, socks too."

Amy started to protest, but Christy just held up her hand not to be argued with. Amy kicked off her high tops and a hopped up and down as she shimmied her socks off her feet.

Christy told her to walk over and stand with her back to the wall. Amy hated being bossed around but weighing the trouble she would get in if it was discovered that she had been cheating, and worse stealing, she resigned herself to whatever fate Christy had planned for her.

Christy looked the girl over again, loving the fact that Amy wouldn't dare try to hit her right now. With a quick movement, she brought her forearm into Amy's chest and pinned her to the wall. Amy yelped, surprised by the speed and strength of the girl. Not that it really should have, Christy was a fairly good basketball player, if not big enough to be the center for the school team.

"Arms up punky," she commanded. Amy hesitated and Christy ticked her sides and guided the girl's arms so they crossed up over her head.

Christy tried to look evil as she demanded Amy stay still. Fingers played at the short girl's clothes and she felt the button of her long shorts give. With a quick unzip Christy had Amy's pants open and pulled down to her feet. Christy made her step out of the garment so she could toss them aside. The tall brunette got out of the way so the crowd could take in the view.

Years of skating and swimming had made Amy lithe and lean. Her legs had nice definition and curves. Amy looked skyward and closed her eyes blushing, appalled that she'd managed to lose her pants and was now being ogled in nothing but her sleeveless undershirt and white cotton *******. Many of the guys whistled their approval, many having imagined Amy like this before. She was hot but seldom showed off her body.

Christy grabbed a handful of her ass which made Amy squirm, she clenched her jaw and tried to take the groping with some grace. Christy put the petite girl's arms back up and pressed the girl's wrists into the wall.

Then with her free hand, the tall brunette balled up her fist and buried it hard into Amy's belly.

Amy's mouth and eyes widened and she belched an astonished "ULF!" as she tried to bend forward. Christy kept the girl's arms up and lost her fist in the girl's stomach again. This punch plowed deeper into the seventeen-year-old's body and she let loose a forceful, "OOOOPH!"

Prevented from falling forward, Amy tried to go the other way and slide down the wall. Christy grabbed the girl by the ***** and pulled upon them. Amy let out a few weak "Ow, ow, ow's" and did her best to keep standing.

The senior's fist slammed into her tummy a third time and Amy folder over Christy's arm. While she had been in fights before they usually involved a lot of cussing, hair-pulling, and slapping. She'd never really been sucker punched before, her abdomen was in a tight knot, and try as she might she couldn't find her breath again.

The senior smacked her victim's face a couple of times to get her back to reality. When Amy was again standing with her head up and arms pinned, Christy took a hold of her shirt. With one merciless yank, Christy ripped the girl's top completely off. The cloth came apart easily leaving shreds in Christy's hand. Amy gasped, her torso suddenly, and completely exposed.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna ******* kill you!" growled Amy. Threats were always less convincing when coming from a naked girl getting the tar beaten out of her.

"Yeah, Amy?" Christy challenged bravely, "Well I better get my shots in while I have the chance! You still have eight minutes."

The tall senior then ripped several punches into the poor girl's belly. "Oof, Olf, Olf, Ugn, uh, hoog, oooh."

Christy tried an armlock she saw once that made Amy favor one side and stand on her toes. The brunette used this position to send hard knees into the girls side that lifted her six inches from the ground.

If Amy were allowed to fight, she couldn't now, her eyes were welded shut and her mouth could do nothing but a hint of air. Her assailant finally let her fall, wearing just her *******, she wrapped her arms around her stomach and curled up into a ball sobbing uncontrollably.

Christy pulled her forward by the hair, dragging her across the ground closer to the audience. She pulled Amy up and cut her down again with a brutal knee to the gut.

Amy crawled on the ground trying to get away from this attack, oblivious to her ****** now. Christy left her alone till she was on her elbows trying to stand again. Amy, on hands and knees, left the senior a nice window of opportunity Christy got a running start and hopped before she kicked her foot out slamming it into Amy's beaten stomach.

The punk girl's body jackknifed her head touching her knees for a second. She hit the ground again and released a primal "OUUUUUUPH!!" from deep inside her.

Christy stripped Amy of her ******* throwing any useful clothing into a dumpster. Amy simply laid there, without a stitch left on her, sobbed. As a final humiliation, Christy took a hose to her opponent. The water revived Amy enough to be conscious of the girls congratulating Christy, and the guy's shallow comments about her body.

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